Awakened Man – Homepage

Hi, I’m Richard, Founder of Awakened Man.

My mission is to help men go through deep paths of masculine & spiritual initiation to HELP YOU:

  • Heal your wounds
  • Get your life bang in order, and
  • To awaken to a new reality at the core of yourself as a man

And why do I do this? Well, just read my story here, you can also:

I’ve been working with guys for many years now, mainly in the form of the 7-Step Path, this involves:

  • Deep inner healing
  • Facing our demons within
  • Going on a ritualistic journey of renewal
  • Understanding what we are as male human beings
  • Understanding our core values and backbone as men
  • Devising a soul-level mission that stays with us for life
  • Learning about masculine and feminine dynamics
  • Coming to peace with parents & resentments
  • Making sense of our cultural forefathers
  • Awakening to deeper spiritual reality
  • Awakening as men

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