3 Key Reasons Testosterone is Dropping in Men
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Testosterone, the foundation of male physiology, has long been dropping in men in the West and this has created all manner of issues for men, often without them even knowing.

The fall in testosterone is associated with a rise in issues such as depression, despair, anxiety to issues such as an inability to assert oneself, rejection from women, sexual health issues and decreasing muscle mass.

While this has been relatively widely reported, the reasons why have not.

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One could wonder why this is – does it offend our modern political sensibilities in stating there are real biological differences between men and women?

Do these differences also show us that hormones such as testosterone have a vital role to play in what a man is by sculpting his body and crafting his internal drive for success, challenge and union with the opposite sex?

Whatever it is that stops us from acknowledging what is really going on, this piece drives right through that and lays out 3 key reasons why testosterone is dropping in men.

1: Porn

The decrease in testosterone has coincided with a decrease in the sperm counts of men in the Western World, leaving researchers apparently flummoxed as to why.

However, with porn accounting for a whopping 35% of ALL internet downloads, it’s pretty clear a new dimension has entered men’s lives and its something we don’t often want to talk about.

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Obviously the topic makes people shy and obviously the appeal of porn is that men can whack off in the hidden privacy of their own homes so the whole thing stays under wraps, yet the truth cannot be hidden forever and a decrease in testosterone and sperm counts, along with a host of sexual performance issues, are the proverbial chickens coming home to roost.

We are simply the most oversexed generation of human beings of all time.

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The reality is that the increase in freely available sexual material and the dissolution of spiritual and social structures that inspired a more cautious approach to our sexual appetites have led to men fapping regularly and thereby having a lower sperm count.

A low sperm count equals low testosterone and the attendant issues that brings, yet as many young men have discovered, this process is reversible via the ‘NoFap’ phenomenon in which men forego sexual gratification and discover ‘superpowers’.

You can explore the validity of the proposed ‘superpowers’ in the video below:

Interestingly enough, to be completely accurate, it’s not actually porn that is causing the issue of low testosterone, but the attendant fapping that goes with it.

Studies have shown that watching porn actually increases testosterone, however, that doesn’t take fapping into account.

Henceforth, masturbation is the problem, but then who’s gonna watch porn and not fap? That doesn’t seem the best technique to boost your testosterone.

2: Diet, Plastic & Intoxicants

Just look at the list below of testosterone-killing foods and think about how many of them are replete in the modern-day diet:

  • Soy products
  • Dairy
  • Bread
  • Desserts
  • Fast-food

It’s pretty clear that they all feature and usually in high doses too.

However, the perhaps more interesting and less considered factor in the male testosterone is plastic.

This may sound pretty random to the uninitiated, but just as plastic is bad for the earth, so too it is bad for human beings (who of course came from the earth).

Studies have shown that the types of plastic we use for food wrapping and drink bottles contain ‘phthalates’ that diminish testosterone levels.

And finally, despite many Western countries holding alcohol, and beer specifically, as the epitome of masculine behaviour, it actually decreases testosterone in men (hence the man-boobs).

This study from the US National Institute on Alcohol Abuse states that:

“Alcohol use is associated with low testosterone and altered levels of additional reproductive hormones.

“Researchers are investigating several potential mechanisms for alcohol’s damage. These mechanisms are related to alcohol metabolism, alcohol-related cell damage, and other hormonal reactions associated with alcohol consumption.

“Chronic alcohol use in male rats also has been shown to affect their reproductive ability and the health of their offspring.”

3: Culture

Studies have shown how testosterone levels can rapidly alter depending on external events.

This study from the University of Utah exhibits how the effects of winning and losing shoot testosterone levels up or see them plummet respectively.

When we factor this into the state of men and masculinity today, we can begin to see that testosterone could be easily affected by the lack of clarity and success men are experiencing today.

Our concepts of masculinity, the family and society have all changed radically in the last 50-years, and while some of the changes are understandable and desirable, others have fallen into excessive ideological resentment towards men and males.

For instance, many ‘progressive’ academics and media outlets state today that ‘male privilege’ creates a world that is far more conducive for male success, despite suicide in men being 4 times that of what it is in women.

When this is raised, the boogieman then becomes ‘toxic masculinity’, the notion that men must be tough and therefore cannot share their pain.

While there is some truth in the above, it is something of an oversimplification in that suicide is a far more complex matter than just being unable to talk about your feelings, and secondly, it doesn’t address why men are in pain in the first place.

‘Pain’ in the context is often a byword for depression, anxiety, addiction and confusion, yet these aren’t things that you can randomly catch, like a disease.

Instead, such things are the result of a breakdown in the role of men as leaders, a lack of closeness with the father and seeing value in one’s culture beyond the pathological notions of ‘patriarchy’ and ‘privilege’.

Finally, we have also lost a sense of transcendental purpose with the breakdown of religious and spiritual structures.

Collectively, men are thereby detached personally, familially, culturally and spiritually, and without these ties life can begin to seem meaningless and painful.

Where does this take us? It takes us to depression and/or nihilism.

This is the very thing that Awakened Man is here to challenge.

By reinstalling the aforementioned structures in men, Awakened Man aims to bring purpose and peace to men once more.

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