5 Amazing Benefits of Stopping Booze
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Drinking alcohol is a boy’s dream – it screams easy opportunities for sex with girls you meet in bars, feelings of euphoria, and the chance to let go of inhibitions and responsibility, yet as we mature into men, these things no longer appeal as they once did, and a whole host of other problems arise with drinking, which is why this post outlines the 5 Amazing Benefits of Stopping Booze.

Alcohol abuse has long been on the rise, and while it’s all a big joke to younger, lost (or just immature) men, many of us have started to feel the downsides of such a lifestyle.

Addiction, compulsions, unprotected sex (again) with someone you’re not really that in to, depression, and a plethora of health concerns are making many men think twice about their relationship with alcohol.

Some men are severely cutting their consumption, while others are going straight-edge completely in a bid to embrace a new lifestyle based on discipline, vibrancy of health and inner stability.

While Recovering Man is all about recovering men to their optimum selves, the path you need to take is yours to choose alone, yet I would always recommend at least trying the sober lifestyle, if even for a short time.

Why? Well see below in the 5 Amazing Benefits of Stopping Booze:


You don’t have to be a seasoned booze-hound to not really know who you are.

One of the most famous reasons for drinking is to smooth over social engagements, mitigate social anxiety and give men the cojones to talk to women.

This is all well and good until you realize every time you’ve been in these situations you haven’t really been yourself. If you disagree with that, try these situations out sober and you’ll see what I mean.

Now, here at Recovering Man, it’s all about the grit.

It’s about forfeiting easy, short-term solutions that offer the path of least resistance in order to embody much deeper purpose which embodies the most fundamental lesson of life: face up to tough situations and you’ll find, in time, you begin to grow as a man.

Going sober is one major way to do this, as in going booze-free you rely on your own steam in social situations and are forced to breed confidence and clarity when you’re talking to a hot woman you fancy.

That sort of effort stays with you for the long-term, and in that process, you also begin to see who you really are.

You get a much stronger feel for people you vibe with and people you don’t, as well as understanding exactly what scares you and where you have to challenge yourself to grow.

If you face these challenges, in a few months you become a more well-rounded, tougher and a more charming man.


It’s weird how some men associate heavy drinking with manly behaviour when alcohol is well-known for heavily decreasing testosterone production and giving men big flabby tits.

As an ex-drunkard myself, I am not one to judge, although I can say I drank to give myself false confidence, escapism and to bury trauma, and I wouldn’t be surprised if many men are doing the same.

As drunkenness provides escapism from consciousness, it provides a nice excuse for many men to get wasted and act like tough guys.

However, in reality, drinking even moderate amounts of alcohol can lower testosterone which thereby decreases muscle and increases fat, as well as removing a general sense of peace and calm that balanced testosterone levels provide.

It’s well known that testosterone has been plummeting in men in recent decades due to pollution, plastic, porn, and most notably, excessive alcohol consumption.

So when you actually give your body, brain and balls some space to breathe you’ll find that your testosterone levels will begin to climb, meaning more energy, a deeper voice, more confidence and more masculine physical features (increased muscle mass, beard thickness, sexual performance, etc).


Following on from the last point, it stands to reason that the more testosterone you have to burn the more frisky you’re likely to be, as well as capable, with the ‘Brewer’s Droop’ a thing of the past.

While booze is famed for easing sexual liaisons, in reality, it actually makes it harder for a man to gain an erection, and if we take into account point no. 1, seduction is down to you now, big man, so no more cheating.

As well as improving your sex life, it is also brilliant for limiting promiscuous sex, the goldmine of the teens and early twenties, and the bane of men in and around the thirties.

While the odd hook-up can still be fun, sleeping with random women really does get soulless and you begin to feel you’re missing out on something more genuine and sincere in the form of a more steady partner.

Further, even if you have that partner, going booze-free is much more likely to keep you out of trouble and make sure you do right by your lady.

How to quit drinking benefits of sobriety stoptober addiction

The way men drink these days with shot after shot, downing contests and Happy Hour Rules means our livers are taking a pounding.

As the body’s detoxifier, it’s the liver’s job to flush out the garbage and keep everything clean, but if you’re screwing it over with a binge every weekend, it just cannot keep up!

What then happens is toxins roam free in your body screwing up your skin, immune system, and your mood.

One of the amazing things about the liver (unless you’ve really, seriously ragged it in half) is that it can regenerate.

Give it a few months alcohol-free, ensuring to throw in a few of these sweet little detox foods, and you’ll be right as rain.

When the liver is happy, clean and flowing, so is your body, meaning your skin, hair and internal organs all get massive boosts of energy and vitality.


While there are undoubtedly safe, reasonable drinkers out there who responsibly enjoy a tipple and live disciplined, admirable lifestyles, the majority do not.

Stopping booze allows you to see that all this alcohol and fast-food marketing is just a con.

What I mean by this is as you detach from booze, your body and mind start to return to homeostasis, and at this point, you no longer require the insane sugar rushes from alcohol, sweets, chips, and kebabs.

In fact, you start to crave healthy things that your body needs.

When this happens it becomes all the more clear that all the things we think are ‘treats’ are actually not treats at all but heavily marketed commodities that rot you from the inside out.

This gives you an insight into all manner of functions with regard to how human psychology, nutrition, and our culture, works.

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