5 Life Changing Questions from the Power of Now

Living in recovery from addiction is, without a solid recovery program, like wresting with a manic lunatic in your head.

Eckhart Tolle writes that this semi-insane is the state all humans live in to one degree or another, and taking influence from Tolle, this piece seeks to free you from the torture of constant thinking and free you to the bliss of being.

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Below are five key questions to answer in your quest to grow as a man of peace, strength and wisdom.

Take out a pad and a pen and write no less than a paragraph and no more than a page on each.

Do not spend too long thinking; let the answers come out in free-flow:

QUESTION 1: Tolle writes: “Disconnection with the state of oneness breeds dependence on external identity and craving,” therefore, today, are you seeking external validation in things other than your inner wholeness? If so, how…

QUESTION 2: Are you controlling your mind, or is your mind controlling you today?

QUESTION 3: Tolle states that true consciousness and being cannot be understood by the mind, how then can you seek to stop thinking and embracing being? What practical things can you do?

QUESTION 4: How does the obsession with time operate in your life? How can you step away from relentless ‘clock’ time, when your practical duties have been met?

QUESTION 5: Tolle articulates that what we often call ‘life’ is actually just our life ‘situation’, meaning real-life has little to do with the emotions and value judgements we put upon it. How can you separate the still reality of life from the judgements your mind puts upon it today?


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