9 Questions to Ask Yourself That Will Change Your Life

The power of a personal audit cannot be overstated. Whether you’re a seasoned personal development master or a relative beginner, the 9 questions below will provide you with some huge insights into how you can change your life for the better.

Take a few moments to consider each.

Once you have thought through the answers to each question, spend 5 minutes writing down your answers.

Don’t be too worried about perfect spelling, syntax, and sense, it’s more important that you commit something to paper than ensure everything is spelled correctly.

Your core energy needs to be on your answers here.

Once you have your answers, you have a framework, and can then begin to fine-tune.

Remember, the most important thing is the first draft.

So let’s begin:

1: How do people really see you?

An old wise man once said to me ‘don’t judge your insides by other people’s outsides’.

What he meant by this is that you know every nook and cranny inside yourself; you know what scares you, your weak points, and you know when you’re putting on an act.

When you see the external representation of another, we always think they are somehow more impressive than they are, thereby causing us to fall into our insecurities and feel less than.

But remember, other people see you in the same light, too.

Consider the ways in which you really come across to others, leaving out your own pre-defined personal judgments.

If you’re struggling with this, ask a few friends what you are really like and collate their answers.

2: What did you make better today? What can you improve tomorrow?

You don’t have to achieve world peace or stage a coup d’état on a tyrannical government to do something worthwhile.

The value of doing something for a higher cause however small is huge.

Even if it’s picking up some litter in the park, giving some short change to charity or ringing a friend you haven’t spoken to in a good while, it’s the little commitments that make the big changes.

Ask yourself who are you helping, and how you can help others in the future.

3: Are you being true to your values?

Values underpin success in every field of life. They are the cornerstones that mark the boundaries of our existence and keep us on track.

If you are unsure of what your values are, look into the foundations of your culture, family, self and spirit, if you are, explore how you are acting in line (or out of line) with your values.

This is not to judge or berate yourself, but to give you an idea of the tracks you want to be following and how to stay on them.

4: What are your goals? How will you achieve them?

I highly recommend you read the below piece before pushing on with this short task of defining your goals:

Goal Setting: An Action Plan for the Most Important Element of Personal Development

Once you have read the above piece, take some time to consider how you can achieve the goals in your life and the timeframe you need.

5: Where do you need to improve?

You may have some of the most incredible skills in certain areas, yet these are meaningless if your weaker areas aren’t accounted for.

Remember that everyone has weak areas in their life, and that’s what makes the world interesting.

If we were all the same and had the same aptitudes, our ability to marvel, learn, and grow would be destroyed, making for a pretty bleak life.

It’s the areas where we’re not so skilled that we get the most character from.

For me, self-esteem has often been a big issue, so while I may have many talents, I cannot exhibit these if I don’t believe I am worth it in any way.

For me, I must form a solid sense of self-esteem (by practicing esteem-able actions) to have the optimum impact in life.

6: What would you do with your life if fear wasn’t an issue?

Take a moment to focus your mind (some help on that below) and remove fear from your life, if only momentarily.

Consider what you really want, and what you would do if anxiety, economic worries or limitations weren’t an issue.

This is not an exercise in fanciful thinking, the results of this allow you to see where your heart wants to go.

If you can find a sincere answer, you will find you have immense resilience, strength and energy in undertaking tasks you once thought too hard or laborious before. Yet when man is in pursuit of an emotionally compelling goal, his strength often doubles.

Therefore, it is important to be clear on what you really, really want deep down.

7: Who inspires you? Why?

We all need role models.

They give us the coordinates along which we can manifest a stronger, better version of ourselves.

The key to this question is considering why certain people inspire you.

What is it they do that you find inspiring, and how can you do that too?

8: What’s stopping you from doing the things that you should be doing?

It may be fear, it may be laziness, it even may be self-esteem. Whatever it is, you need to know ASAP.

This exercise is highly effective and can be used time and again when you feel a mental block in the way of your working hours.

We lose precious time fighting procrastination when often it’s much more productive to spend ten minutes looking at what excuses your head is telling you.

9: Have you got a mentor?

Pride may tell you that you don’t need a mentor. Yet pride, as William Blake said, is the cloak of shame.

No man is an island.

A mentor can see the things in yourself that you do not (see Question 1), they can shed new light onto your very being and, by virtue of asking someone to be a mentor, take a keen interest in your development.

Further, they can serve to give you a kick from behind when needed, the threat of which can often inspire you to get on with your life anyhow!

If you don’t have any mentors in life, it worth thinking who you could ask to guide you in different areas.

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  1. I loved that this list wasn’t filled with just “face value” questions, rather questions that you have to look inward to seek the answers. Thank you for sharing!

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