Ben Shapiro Walkout: What Now for “Facts Over Feelings”?

US Conservative Ben Shapiro recently made US and UK headlines after storming out of an interview with the BBC, despite building a reputation as a pundit who left emotions out of political debate.

In the interview, Shapiro accused the BBC’s Andrew Neil of being a ‘leftist’, despite Neil owning, and once being editor of, the right-wing Spectator magazine. After this Shapiro left the interview.

The fanfare that has surrounded the interview is something Founder of Recovering Man Richard Joy has spoken about in a video recently. In the said video (see below), Richard argues that news media increasingly creates simplistic narratives of good and evil to keep viewers watching by creating outrage.

Since the interview has been aired and garnered significant public attention, Ben Shapiro has publicly apologized, seemingly ironically stating he was ‘destroyed’ in the debate.

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