Can Men Get Pregnant? | What to do as the World Goes Insane

The nutty ideas I used to hold out of my own inner anger and desire to kick back against the world have now grown out of university lecture halls and into the governments, institutions, and corporations of the present day.

Every day now there’s some new disturbance of reality, such as one of the biggest and well-trusted health websites in the world stating that it’s entirely possible for men to get pregnant.

Now I know it’s easy to laugh at this, yet speaking as someone who used to be woke as a lost young man, I understand what the people behind this actually think like, and take it from me; this is just the beginning, things are going to get a lot weirder yet.

We Are Under Siege

We’re already at a point where woke culture is moving from a joke to a political narrative you have to agree with if you want to be in government, hold a corporate job or be any kind of celebrity.

When I was in the corporate world, I could see this creeping in, but having left to now work on Awakened Man, my old contacts there have told me it’s only getting worse.

From mandatory racial bias training to gay awareness week, to meetings on inherent forms of privilege – all this has to be accepted and taken on board else you become an outcast and risk even losing your job.

Now I’m not saying I’m pro anyone being oppressed or bullied for immutable characteristics, but that’s not what this is really about – what’s really being pushed is an extremely radical and bias philosophy masquerading as social justice.

In essence, we’re under siege and we don’t even know it.

We Are Lost

The philosophy that’s behind all this sees the world through the lens of power and it doesn’t matter to them whether reality matches up with that.

Such people who hold this philosophy are usually angry, lost and aggressive as I was and are seeking some kind of revenge on the world and using victim groups as a shield to do so.

The problem is that the victim groups themselves as well as overly compassionate and well-meaning folks have also been fooled by this – so we’re now in a situation in which these ideologues are trapped between what they think is fighting against social injustice and actual reality.

This is why you’re average MP these days cannot answer basic questions about reality any longer…

After these disastrous interviews, the public sees how mad this philosophy is, yet the angry woke types scream even louder, which leads politicians to get afraid of being called a bigot, which in turn leads to things like the leader of the Labour Party stating it’s wrong to say only women have a cervix.

1984 Revisited

Again, it’s easy to laugh at this madness, but sooner or later you’re gonna wake up and see it’s taken over the West and next it’s coming for you.

The philosophy these people have is one of ‘progressivism’, meaning the aim is endless ‘progress’ or at least what they think is progress…

In George Orwell’s dystopian classic 1984 in which a tyrannical government comes into power and can literally force people to believe 2 + 2 = 5, we’re now in a situation when you pretty much HAVE to believe obvious untruths to please the powers that be.

And what’s the next thing that you’ll be mandated to believe? That white people are genetically defective albino mutants, as a Black History Month website stated recently, or that men are now unneeded obsolete and redundant as major media outlets from the Guardian to the Atlantic have argued.  

These ideas seem farfetched, but things can move very fast today in a world where social acceptance amongst the progressive types is the most important capital you can source.

I mean ten or twenty years ago, how often did you hear how Britain is a racist, sexist and xenophobic country that’s essentially evil? And how often do you hear that now? So what’s it gonna be like in another 10 or 20 years?

What Should We Do?

There are many guys online galvanising the troops to fight back for tradition, yet I don’t believe that will actually work.

We’re up against a force that’s obsessed with smashing boundaries, and any boundary they see will give them more energy and eagerness to rip it down.

Of course, what boundaries represent symbolically is masculine order, and that’s what the real enemy is for them; strong, proud men – that’s why they hate them more than anyone.

Our best bet is to realise this isn’t going to stop until they’ve conquered everything and then they realise all that’s left is chaos and confusion.

What we should seek to do is to engage in what is called ‘grey rock theory’ externally, and find ourselves personally, culturally, and spiritually in private.

Grey Rock Theory & Finding Meaning

Grey rock theory is the practice of being like a grey rock in the landscape, that is something you don’t even notice, just an unnoticeable part of the landscape that’s neither good nor bad.

When you’re at work or in the public eye you just don’t have any opinions whatever is thrown at you – whether its men being pregnant, white people being mutants – men being toxic – just ignore it and move on.

The idea is to earn a living in work time, and then build a life free of all the new world order in your free time.

That means working on becoming self-sufficient, battling your addictions and compulsions that tie you to the world, finding yourself as a man spiritually and building a life of peace, meaning and balance.

From here, we can watch the world burn, sure it’s sad, but that process is unstoppable now – the best thing we can do as men is to become responsible, balanced and mature – the sort of men capable of putting the world back together when this mess is over.

And if that’s not possible, at least you’ll have built a corner of peace in an increasingly mad world.

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