Challenging Cultural Chaos: The Rebirth of the ‘Divine Masculine’
spiritual masculinity

Many of today’s personal and social imbalances stem from the overt politicisation of the gender roles, as while cultures, civilizations and spiritual traditions have always spoken of the masculine and feminine polarities, it’s only in the last 40-50 years masculinity has been represented as a political tool of power to oppress women.

For many years, these views only existed on the fringes of society in neo-Marxist, post-structuralist gender studies classrooms, yet in the last decade, these views have gone mainstream.

In this time, the West has also seen the breakdown of the archetypal Father, which is represented by the dissolution of our spiritual traditions, our cultural values and strong fathers in the home.

There may be valid reasons for why these things had to fall, but as poet Robert Bly so astutely observed, “through the hole of the absent father, demons enter…”

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And in our present age, all manner of demons have entered our collective spirit, our culture, and men’s minds.

Today we see riots without reason, mainstream news regularly manipulating the truth, and criticisms as to whether the truth itself is even real, as well as claims that logic itself is a patriarchal construct.

When the archetypes of masculinity as represented in familial, cultural and spiritual arenas fall, it is open season on these seemingly atavistic structures of old, which is why men have virtual no positive archetypes of masculinity to guide them today.

In our present age, while we’re busy decrying all the supposed negatives of masculinity – excessive aggression, narrow-mindedness, totalitarianism – we’ve simultaneously lost touch with all its positives – wisdom, leadership, stability and order – and henceforth lost touch with the archetypal divine masculine as a guiding force to balance and harmonise with the intrinsic feminine.

However, before we can understand how to embody healthy masculine energy, we have to understand what it actually is outside of a modern political context.

What is masculinity?
Portrait of a man with perfect muscular built. Man is good looking. He is wearing a beard.

The oldest and most famous representation of masculine and attendant feminine energy is in the yin and yang symbol in which the masculine and feminine conjoin in eternal dance, each having a spot of the other inside of its core, representing how neither is complete in and of itself, but the two together transcend duality & give birth to the Whole.

In the yin and yang philosophy, the yin (the feminine force) is presented as chaotic, emotional, creative and soft, while the corresponding yang is presented as orderly, logical, forceful and hard.

While the yin and yang symbol can be charted back to Ancient China, we find these representations of masculinity and femininity across cultures far and wide, suggesting that these representations are far from ideological or Western, but universal, sub-conscious archetypes in the human psyche.

yin and yang awakened man
The Yin & Yang symbol is perhaps the oldest and most well-known expression of masculine and feminine dynamics

Now it should be said here that yin and yang qualities don’t necessarily equate directly to gender, you can find men in yin energy and women in yang energy.

Yet simultaneously this doesn’t mean that every man SHOULD be in yin energy either, with most men gravitating towards their natural yang energy.

One final note on the nature of the ‘divine masculine’ essence, I want to mention comes from the work of sexual and spiritual writer David Deida.

In his work Deida often points to the feminine as the creative, dramatic, dancing quality of life as best represented by thoughts and emotions themselves, which is why, by and large, women tend to be more emotionally literate than men.

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The masculine in contrast is that which thoughts exist in – i.e. pure consciousness.

This blending of consciousness and thought as masculine and feminine is another form of the male and female conjoining to give birth, in that when a thought springs through consciousness, reality is actively born out of that process.

So with all this in mind, we must ask ourselves, what is consciousness?


While science is still seeking consciousness on the material plane, viewing as limited to the human mind, spiritual traditions have long held that consciousness is the base of reality itself.

In this view, consciousness is not born, nor can it die, it simply is, and our ideas of the world, our bodies, our ideas of ourselves, the colours and things we see, even the masculine and feminine poles, eventually melt into its all-consuming oneness.

This has led some to point out this is why Jesus referred to God as his ‘Father’, as God, or the all-pervading conscious spirit, is that which all things exist in, and ultimately, are.

However, for years such a view has been lost to the dogma of religion, which has frightened folks away from anything spiritual and into a world of materialism, possessions and things.

Henceforth, the breakdown of the spirit has led to the breakdown of the man.

We now live in the world of the mind, of emotions, of worldly status and possessions, yet the thing that controls a man more than anything is the validation of women and the promise of sex.

In essence, the masculine is under the spell of the feminine force.

Now this state is described in the Abrahamic traditions as ‘The Fall’.

The Fall of Man: Adam as Archetypal Man

In the famous origin story, Adam (the masculine archetype) is with God (the consciousness archetype), yet he is tempted by Eve (the feminine) with the apple from the tree of good and evil, which, in turn, represents the world of materialism and the mind.

We know Adam could not resist the temptation and thus fell to earth to live a life of disconnection from God in a world of suffering, egocentrism and material things.

While the Adam and Eve story is often poo-pooed as religious nonsense, it is, for me at least an extremely powerful metaphor for the dance between masculinity and femininity that explains our present spiritual state to this day.

We now live in a state of near constant craving, we work jobs we don’t like to acquire more status and possessions we’re not sure if we even need, and to impress women we often don’t truly love, yet we feel a need to strive for such things.

We feel we must constantly progress towards a worldly purpose, sex, status or intoxicants.

The Pain of Life & Returning Home

The 20th century French psychoanalyst Jacques Lacan referred to this state as ‘manque’, which translates in English as a feeling of ‘lack’.

Marketeers and ad-men are all too well aware of this today, often marketing directly at people’s ‘pain points’ to get them to buy into the next fad or political trend.

While Lacan would state this is the tragic state of being for a man, the spiritual answer for the modern man is in the rebirth of the divine masculine force, in which a man re-finds transcendental purpose and reunites with his spirit.

In religious language, he finds ‘God’ and returns home.

Now when I say this I don’t necessarily mean one has to become a Christian, there are roads you can take that are religious, spiritual or secular, and there’s also a big question whether contemporary Christianity is simply too lost in dogma and ideology to help modern men anyway.

Yet to stem the wave of present yin-centred chaos and bring forth the noble qualities of masculinity in a world that sorely needs to restore balance, men must return to our natural state first.

While this may seem insane to the modern materialistic mind, it is this road which restores spiritual balance within and leads us back to a state of stability, peace, strength, order and love – all the qualities the divine feminine craves from the masculine.

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3 thoughts on “Challenging Cultural Chaos: The Rebirth of the ‘Divine Masculine’

  1. I don’t fully agree with all of your conclusions, but this is a fantastic read. I think that we’ve made words like masculine and patriarchal into something they are not in today’s society, synonymous with oppression — when the word “oppression” will do just fine — and you do a great job bringing it up in non-damning terms.

    • Thanks for the comment Joshua, it’s a complex and ever-changing field, and we need to find balance otherwise we’ll swing too far in the wrong direction – that will lead to REAL oppression stemming forth

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