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“Richard has an ability to connect at the soul level with humility and eloquence, which I find highly motivating."

What You’ll Get During This Free 'Clarity' Call

First and foremost, I aim to connect with any guy I speak with, I want a no holes barred conversation about your experiences, obstacles and life aims. I want you to feel that authentic energy within and to see your inner fire so we can explore the best path forward for you & how we're going to achieve that.

What You’ll Do Before the Call

Make sure to be clear about what your aims are as a man, where your blocks are and why you're interested in evolving as a man...

What Happens During the Call

We'll have an informal conversation for 30-minutes in which you outline your present situation and we explore the heart, mind, body and soul to get a true picture of your inner state.

What Changes After the Call

You will have a clear idea of how and why certain obstacles are blocking you, as well as how you can use them to build strong energy and inner harmony within...

About Richard

After years of feeling lost, I had my 'awakening moment' at my lowest point. 

Here I discovered the 'Path of Initiation': A journey of physical, psychological and spiritual renewal that changed my life forever. 

I've since moved away from the corporate world and devoted my life to helping other men free themselves, heal and awaken to their core life purpose. 

My work is all about finding peace & purpose in your heart, as well as building a solid backbone you can depend on through thick and thin. 

Why These Men Recommend Having a Free Connection Call



"The call was super-helpful in helping me get some weight off my chest and get my thinking straight regarding my goals and purpose. It helped me get clarity and feel a bit lighter inside."



"Richard is pretty knowledgeable about inner work and men's personal development, we understood each other very quickly as he was familiar with lots of my favourite speakers and authors."



"I wanted to speak to Richard about some life obstacles and how I can overcome them, yet we spoke about much more and really connected on a deep level and I really appreciated that."

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