(Guest Post) Cancel Culture – Don’t Mention The W… Actually, Don’t Mention  Anything

In this guest post, Roscoe Brand, creator of recovery, mindset and men’s personal development resource Birth of Clarity, explores cancel culture and why men need to take a stand against it before it’s too late...

It was only a matter of time.

And to be honest, I’m surprised it took this long…

But now the most iconic episode/moment in the brief but legendary series, Fawlty Towers, has been removed from UKTV.

Actor, John Cleese, who played Basil Fawlty, the star of the show, hit back by saying:

“One of the things I’ve learned in the last 180 years is that people have very different senses of humour.

“Some of them understand that if you put nonsense words into the mouth of someone you want to make fun of you’re not broadcasting their views, you’re making fun of them.

“The Major was an old fossil leftover from decades before. We were not supporting his views, we were making fun of them.

If they can’t see that, if people are too stupid to see that, what can one say?

Fawlty Towers has given a large number of people a great deal of happiness, why would you want to stop that?

“It reminds me of the definition of a Scottish Presbyterian as someone who has a nasty, sneaking feeling that someone, somewhere, is having a good time.”

As told to the Sydney Morning Herald

The “Don’t Mention The War” episode is all about context. As are most things nowadays, yet those pushing for things to be cancelled can’t see that.

So Fawlty Towers joins a list of other shows, and films, that have recently been cancelled from Netflix, got taken down by YouTube or removed from other streaming services around the world.

Are we watching the “Mandela Effect” happen in real-time? Will these shows come back with scenes deleted and passed off as if nothing has changed?

We’ll have wait and see whether these shows are altered to appease different groups, or just banned altogether.

Little Britain, Mighty Boosh, Bo Selecta & The Inbetweeners are some of the more notable victims, as well as the classic, Gone with the Wind.

Where, and when, will it end?

Chase – The Political Correctness Pawn

If you click the image of poor old Chase, you’ll be taken to a link regarding the Paw Patrol controversy.

Well apparently, it appears that even kids shows aren’t safe from the cancel culture mob.

This culture will outrage against anything. So why not a kids show too.

Here is what this Twitter user had to say about it 

Stay in your lane

I originally wrote this piece for an edition of my newsletter and it may seem quite different from my usual content, and I’ll no doubt lose subscribers because of it.

I’ve even been sent messages telling me to stay in my lane and stick to Clarity, Addiction, Recovery & Mindset content.

But those people are missing the point.

With all the chaos going on in the world, and now with the increased presence of cancel culture and other agendas, it is time that I, and many of us, become the voices of clarity.

We need to think clearly and rationally, and think about the overall picture.

How are the events of the world right now going to effect the future? A future for our kids, grandkids, etc.

Is there something more sinister at play, or is this just the natural progression of the world?

Our history, our society and our sanity is being stripped from us. Fear is becoming the main addiction right now and we won’t achieve recovery until we rid our minds of it, and reject those pushing it.

We should not be scared of past TV shows, or films, but rather use them to show people what our past was like and use it to help shape our future for the better.

Cancelling these things does nothing but show we’re too quick to bow down to those who shout the loudest, however valid their voices are, and how irrational our fears have become.

@DrRalphNap said this on Twitter:

Imagine being so mentally weak that you take everything personally. And believing politicians, main stream media, celebrities are going to save you. Your mental weakness hurts you, not the words or actions by strangers you’ve never met. Fix your mental weakness, fix your life.

And how right he is.

This is the position I am coming from.

Cancel culture has people jumping on the bandwagon with those who are outraged by everything. Their minds are weak, fearful and distorted.

They’ve been brainwashed by fear.

They have been dumbed down with cheap booze and pumped full of unneeded prescription drugs. Making harder to rise up against the government if that time were to ever come.

It’s so painfully obvious now.

And although this may seem like a separate issue, even cancel culture feeds into this.


Despite this piece, I can’t fully articulate my feelings on this matter.

Sometimes it’s just good to raise some talking points, or to provoke some thoughts. It’s also good to remain calm, and not jump all over everything without seeing the full picture.

So, aside from a little sadness at knowing this is just the beginning, I’m just worried that future generations won’t understand what this current, and previous generations, enjoyed.

And with each thing that gets cancelled, we may be viewed as monsters for the things we enjoyed, at the time.


Each and every TV show & film will probably have some insensitive element to it, viewed by today’s eyes (and future eyes) and will end up being erased from his history.

That’s sad.

Any feedback, support or suggestions are welcome.

Take care,


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Editors noteright before hitting send on this email, I saw that UKTV had released a statement regarding the cancelled episode. I thought it only fair to include it, plus my comments below.

I think this is a sensible decision and should be adopted by other companies regarding the shows & films they’ve removed.

This guest post was part of a content swap, you can view the Recovering Man post – Discipline Yourself or Life Will Discipline You on the Birth of Clarity site here

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