Have You Got Your Protein Plan Sorted for Xmas & the New Year?
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A new study by Purdue University nutrition scientists shows how utilizing the seasonal festivities during Christmas and the New Year to eat more protein can actively help those engaged in building more lean muscle mass as well as those with weight loss goals.

The study also affirms that the recommended dietary allowance, of 0.8 grams of protein per kilogram of body weight per day — or 0.36 grams per pound — is adequate for most people.

For example, an adult who weighs 150 pounds should eat 54 grams of protein a day, which could be three ounces of lean meat, three cups of dairy and one ounce of seeds or nuts within a day.

“This research uniquely assesses whether adults benefit from consuming more protein than the current recommended dietary allowance,” Lead Author Professor Joshua L. Hudson said.

“This research was not designed to assess whether or not adults would benefit from consuming more protein than they usually consume,” he added.

He concluded: “This distinction is important because the recommended dietary allowance is the standard against which to assess nutrition adequacy; however, most adults consume more protein than what is recommended.”

More than 1,500 nutrition articles were screened across journal databases to identify 18 studies with 22 intervention groups and 981 participants that addressed this topic.

The studies were selected based on specific factors including the inclusion of healthy adults, protein intake, weight loss, and physical activity.

The sources of protein evaluated included lean and minimally processed meats, dairy, eggs, nuts, seeds and legumes.

What do these findings mean Christmas and New Year?

Campbell said: “If you are going to start losing weight, don’t cut back across all foods you usually consume, because you’ll inadvertently cut back protein.

“Instead, work to maintain, or even moderately increase protein-rich foods. Then, cut back on the carbs and saturated fat-containing foods.”

Campbell regularly studies how sources and amounts of protein – which is critical to building muscle mass – may be a part of adopting healthy eating patterns, including the Mediterranean diet and DASH diet.

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These findings are in general, and more evaluation is needed to determine effects on age and gender.

This research does not apply to elite athletes or people who lost weight with bariatric surgery, nor does it relate to protein supplements.

No external funding was used for this study.

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