How to Grow Old & Wise – Study Reveals Key

A new study has found that maintaining physical health correlated with both healthy cognitive function and good mental health in older age.

Researchers found optimal physical health was associated with “mental well-being, resilience and younger age”.

Good mental health was also mediated by optimism, self-compassion, income and lower levels of loneliness and sleep disturbances.

Dilip V. Jeste of the University of California – San Diego, said: “Psychological traits like optimism, resilience, wisdom and self-compassion were found to be protective, while loneliness seemed to be a risk factor.

“An 85-year-old can be functioning better than a 65-year-old due to protective and risk factors.”

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Another recent study by the University of Missouri-Columbia recently found links in a person’s general intelligence, health and aging.

In the study, a scientist suggests a model where mitochondria, or small energy-producing parts of cells, could form the basis of this link.

This insight could provide valuable information to researchers studying how to age healthily.

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