Low-Carb Diets Good for Men

Researchers from the University of Missouri School of Medicine recently found that men lose more weight on low-carb diets, while women actually see better improvements in artery flexibility. 

The findings emphasize the biological differences in male and female biology and go some way in explaining why fad diets often don’t work for men, with most diet trends modeled on female biology rather than male.

With fat loss a key driver in the increased production of testosterone, the hormone responsible for drive, confidence and muscle growth, low carb-high protein diets are gaining traction as the ideal model for the majority of men.

As part of the study, 20 middle-aged, pre-diabetic men and women were given carb-restricted meals provided by the MU Nutrition Center for Health for two weeks and were supplied meal planning instructions for an additional two weeks.

Over the four-week period, the men in the study lost 6.3% of their body weight, while women lost only 4.4%.

However, using an arterial stiffness measurement called pulse wave velocity, the women showed reduced blood flow speeds of 1 meter per second, while men showed no changes in blood flow speed.

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