Meditation Mastery

The Meditation Mastery course has been designed to offer you a clear insight into what meditation really is, show you your true nature and bring you into the indwelling peace within.

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The 7-Step online course is ideally done over 7 days takes you on a journey within, exploring how meditation, your very being, and silence itself are truly linked.

This peaks with the most fundamental realisation you can make in the recognition of your own pure peaceful being, where you see meditation is simply a clear way to abide in what you are.

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Once we have seen this inner pure state, we carry ourselves out into the world once more, exploring reality with our new understanding.

We then outline common beliefs about ourselves such as “I am something”, “I am a body” and so forth, and let these notions rest in our pure meditative being.

This soon manifests into the two final sessions, “I am no-thing” and “I am everything”.

At this point you will have a solid foundation upon which you can build for the long-term.

Further, once you’ve completed the course, you can return at any time and recap the sessions, or simply use these techniques to abide in your own meditation mastery.

It is recommended that you do a session a day, although if you want to move slower or faster that is completely up to you.

The Benefits of Meditation

A healthy, stable meditation is the core of a balanced, deep and peaceful life.

Yet just as life is full of ups and downs, so is meditation.

This isn’t because life and meditation are similar things, it’s because they ate the same thing.

Meditation is simply a way of abiding with, understanding and accepting life as it is.

As we progress in this field, the line between the meditator and meditation blurs, meaning we begin to understand our true nature of peace, plenty and stillness within.

The benefits of meditation include:

  • Reduces stress
  • Allows you to see your emotional truth (why you feel anxious, angry, etc)
  • Promotes emotional health
  • Enhances awareness
  • Lengthens attention span
  • Improves discipline
  • Improves inner stoicism
  • Heals and rejuvenates
  • Brings greater self-understanding
  • Helps in seeing through the illusion of worldly temptations
  • Brings harmony within
  • Brings you ‘home’

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How Long Does This Course Take?

Ideally, you’ll complete this course in a week, doing a meditation a day.

Each meditation lasts anything between 15 and 30 minutes, meaning you should allocate a 30 minute slot at a certain time each day.

During this time for meditation, ensure that:

  • You won’t be disturbed
  • You’re in a quiet place
  • You’re sitting in a comfortable position with a straight back
  • You won’t have any disturbances from technology (phones/computers/tablets, etc)
  • You’re not in a stressed or intoxicated state

On the last point, you should note that meditation leads to a high-level of introspection, meaning you should aim to be sober-minded and living healthily throughout the course.

This will help you a great deal in seeing forming realisations and staying at peace within.

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