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I always knew I had a purpose deep within, but it was so unreachable for many years, being deeply trapped beneath layers of confusion, over-analysis & unprocessed pain - pain which almost destroyed me - but in time I had a HUGE life transformation that set me on the path of helping other men find their life purpose, spiritual balance and core as men. 

I grew up a happy child until tragedy beset my family. We were split apart and my brother fell deeply into drug addiction.

Lost boys tend to go one of two ways - anxiety or anger, flip-sides of the same coin - and while my elder brother fell in with the wrong crowd and ended up losing his soul to addiction, his mind to drugs and eventually his life, I lived in a state of deep uncertainty and fear. 

Despite seeming okay on the outside, I was ravaged on the inside and struggled my way through life, too fearful to ever make my mark on life, resentful at the world and fuelled by self-centred fear. 

I could never get anything going with women, I had no confidence and zero career prospects. 

After my brother died, I did everything in my power to sort my life out. I read the self-help classics, I learned how to talk to women, I stopped blaming the world and I gave everything in one last ditch attempt to transform. 

And do you know what? On the surface, it worked... 

I soon found myself with a good job in the corporate world of London, I started to attract women as I had purpose and a vision, and my life began to flourish.

But there was one big catch.

All this work I'd done was fixing the external Richard. 

It had worked in getting me material things but deep within I was still centred in fear which led to compulsive drinking, panic attacks and severe existential angst.

The truth is that I hadn't sorted out myself on the soul level. 

I knew this deep down, yet I tried to drown this truth in drink, I tried to bury it behind false confidence, and lose it in external success. 

But life doesn't work like that.

This experience informs my coaching to this day - YES, I help men figure out the career they want, YES I help men discover and enact their goals with women, family and purpose - but for that to mean anything this has to be rooted in deep, transcendental meaning that hits you right in the soul. 

This is where you build a life of love, contentment, strength, wisdom and powerful meaning from. 

This is what I had to learn....

Despite having everything on the outside, I couldn't handle life on the inside. 

In truth, I didn't know myself, I didn't have a rock to rest on, and this ravaged my sense of self and in time my relationships, career progress and health.

And then it all came crashing down.

I was at such a loss, so confused as to why I just couldn't shake off the inner turmoil that I was drinking hard, so I eventually checked myself into a rehab. 

This was the lowest point of my life.

I can't remember the first week due to a detox, yet when I arose from that strange slumber, I felt so hopeless that I just gave in. 

And just after the lowest point of my life was the most important moment of my life. 

Almost immediately I arose with a sense of peace deep in my gut. 

Sure, life's problems still abounded, yet they were lighter somehow, they weren't quite so profound. They were all part of the bigger scheme of things. 

I didn't know why then, but I now know I'd experienced a 'Symbolic Death'. 

My old identity that was so wrapped in a narrative of pain and victimhood had dissolved - in truth, it was either me or it that was going to perish, one of us had to go. 

And in this space of freedom, I felt a small sense of powerful peace at the core of my being. 

There was no identification with a heavily laden external identity.

I could look at the trees and sky and simply smile at its beauty without having to comment about how I was failing in life, or was scared, or was broken. 

From that moment on I never looked back. 

Because of this amazing experience I became fascinated by spiritual teachers and traditions that wrote of how a man must 'die' to his limitations to be reborn in peace. 

I became enamoured with men's work that let me face every demon inside and work it out of my being in healthy, constructive ways. 

I learnt the value of balance, boundaries and discipline - the hallmarks of healthy masculine energy that I and so many men today have been deprived of. 

Deep inner work became my core practice as I engaged in radical honesty to let life see me exactly for what I am and evolve me into who I need to be in this world. 

I was lucky to meet men who taught me the value, meaning and paramount importance of character, grit, raw truth, and ultimately, what it means to base your life in love.

Yet I also learned to keep my balance, to not move too far into order on one side, or chaos on the other. 

I started to realise I was learning 'The Way', 'The Tao', I was 'bearing my cross' or 'walking the line between Yin and Yang'.

I realised I had walked the Path of Initiation.

I'd read all about initiation as an ancient concept that every man must go through to face his demons, find his true calling and fulfil his potential as a man. 

Yet the more I read about it the more I saw that this is exactly what had happened to me! 

During this time I'd gone back to the corporate world as a freelancer to earn my crust, and I was doing pretty well... 

I had a sweet flat, was dating a nice girl and was earning okay, but all of that paled in comparison to this inner fire that had started in my belly.

I was ready to sacrifice the lot.

Despite these outer pleasantries, life had already taught me to follow the truth within and that's exactly what I did. 

I left my nice flat, handed in my notice at work (despite them giving me a hefty offer to stay) and moved on from that relationship. 

I moved into a way smaller place, saved every penny I could and began working on my mission in life I've been blesses with - to help other men find the pulsating truth that exists within them and rocket them forward onto their own path of meaning, adventure and contentment. 

Over the years I learnt from many teachers, worked with many men and tried many different styles and techniques, which I've now compiled into my coaching practice. 

It's now my mission to guide men on their own path in life, facing their demons, overcoming barriers and becoming the best men they can be. 

I love doing this more than anything in the world. 

It's what I'm on this planet for.

Given I've faced tough times, there's no problem too deep. 

Given I've been down-and-out and a success in the business world, I've got valuable experience. 

Given I've shared my whole truth, no-holes-barred, I never judge another man on his shortcomings and always offer empathy. 

Given I know the BS we use to not fulfil our potential in this world, I know the tricks the mind and the ego play. 

Given I've committed my life to your growth, I'll never let you fall short.

Today, I work with men from all walks of life. 

Some want to discover their purpose, some want to sort their life out, some want to go to the next level in their careers, love lives or personal life. 

Some want to find freedom within. 

Some don't even know why, they just know they need to walk the Path of Initiation. 

If you are one of these men, feel free to contact me for a free, non-comital 30-minute connection call.

I look forward to speaking with you soon.

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