The mission of Awakened Man is to take men on the journey of ‘initiation’, getting your life together, leaving ‘lost boy’ behaviours behind, and moving towards the archetypal Awakened Man. 

The Lost Boy can live inside us all and manifests in all manner of forms. 

Some common manifestations include: anxieties, addictions/habits (alcohol, porn, etc), egocentrism, purposelessness, procrastination, seeking external validation (through women, money, status, etc) and many more.




The mission is to help you get on your feet, grow in strength internally and externally and find your purpose, drive, balance and vision in this life.

Men today are lacking strong, healthy guides to lead us on a journey of personal growth and spiritual unfoldment. 

This has led modern man to become detached from a strong sense of purpose and inner certitude, as well as from his fundamental nature of peace and stability. 

If we are not balanced and at one, we start to see dysfunction emanating within, leading to imbalances breeding in our hearts and minds. 

Eventually, this manifests in the external world in all manner of forms. 

It may be relationship or career issues, compulsive behaviour, anxieties, purposelessness, existential angst, even cultural malaise… 

To compound matters, there’s been a huge pushback against the excesses of ‘masculinity’ in recent years.

Now while this is understandable to some degree, we’ve now gone way too far the other way.

Where once men were unable to articulate themselves emotionally and spiritually, now many men are trapped in chaotic storms of emotionality and feel no deeper drive, connection and transcendental purpose as men. 

In our bid to avoid turning into the tyrant or the bully, the kickback has led us to dismiss all forms of aggression as ‘toxic’, breeding a generation of ‘nice guys’ who are fearful about being assertive and dominant as men. 

Further still, in our materialistic society, we have fallen into a world of chaos, meaning we have been disconnected from the truths and rhythms of our hearts, bodies and spiritual natures.

We now need a balance between healthy, strong boundaries and discipline, as well as space for growth and creative evolution. 

We simply must chart a middle way, a new spiritually-centred path between the tyrant and the ‘nice guy’. 

But how do we do this? 

Well, there’s a famous model in philosophy called the ‘dialectic’. 

Check out a diagram of it below: 

We are presently at a time of imbalance after an understeer and an oversteer, yet we also have an amazing opportunity to find a solution… 

At Awakened Man, I believe our lives as men are always evolving, and this generations uncertainty offers men the opportunity to find great wisdom, meaning and awakening to our true nature…

Yet to harness this bright future, we must first face all that blocks us from truly evolving – we must go deep into our past, into our culture and into our souls. 

By doing this, we face ‘The Shadow‘, we transform via the fires of our inner obstacles and we discover who we really are as men.

We awaken to our deepest life purpose.

This story may seem new today, but it’s actually as old as time. 

Myths, spiritual traditions and the greatest epic stories all show us that we must accept the call to adventure, to embrace challenge as the key to growth and meaning, and to bring the light within to the world in whatever way we can.

This is the truest role of a man:

To bring light to darkness. 

On this path, we may meet ghouls and demons deep within, we will be forced to get stronger and evolve, and we will meet wise men, guides and establish your unique life purpose on the way, as we build a framework of how you will master career, love, your vision and your time on this earth. 

Awakened Man manifests this most essential of journeys in the core offering, which you can check out in more detail below. 





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