New Study on Teen Cannabis Use Finds Shocking New Info
New Study on Teen Cannabis Use Finds Shocking New Info Header

A new study states that heavy and regular use of cannabis as an adolescent has major effects on the regulation of impulse control, behavior, and decision-making based on goals.

Confirming a recent wave of research, the study suggested greater and more persistent alterations in individuals who initiated cannabis use earlier, while the brain is still developing.

Richard of Recovering Man has spoken about his heavy cannabis use and how you can recover from the damage inflicted:

Lead Author of the study Marilyn Cyr, PhD, said: “Most adults with problematic substance use now were most likely having problems with drugs and alcohol in adolescence, a developmental period during which the neural circuits underlying cognitive control processes continue to mature.

“As such, the adolescent brain may be particularly vulnerable to the effects of substance use, particularly cannabis – the most commonly used recreational drug by teenagers worldwide.”

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