NHS to Open Gambling Addiction Clinic for Children
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The UK National Health Service (NHS) is to open a gambling addiction clinic for children and young people, offering support to addicts aged 13 to 25.

The move comes after a young man took his own life after suffering from gambling addiction.

Jack Ritchie, from Sheffield, started gambling at 17 and committed suicide at 24 after seven years of compulsive gambling.

Founder and director of the National Problem Gambling Clinic, Henrietta Bowden-Jones, said: “Gambling disorder is a destructive condition which doesn’t discriminate.

“It wrecks lives, pulls families into debt and can leave people feeling suicidal.”

But where is the spectre of addiction, specifically among young people emanating?

Founder of Recovering Man Richard Joy has recently opined that it has deeper roots than just a ‘disease’, with the disease model not aligning with the data (see video below).

The new clinic will open this year in London, followed by various others in other parts of the UK.

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