Psychologists Show Blocks to Build Mental Strength

A team of psychologists has found the building blocks for a strong mental disposition – plentiful sleep and a positive outlook on life.

The team also reports that each of these factors is associated with different aspects of working memory.

The researchers also stated that poor sleep quality and depressed mood are linked to a reduced likelihood of remembering a previously experienced event — the “quantitative” aspect of working memory.

The researchers performed two studies, in the first study, they sampled 110 college students for self-reported measures of sleep quality and depressed mood and their independent relationship to experimental measures of working memory.

In the second study, the researchers sampled 31 members of a community ranging in age from 21 to 77 years.

In this study, the researchers investigated age and its relationship to working memory.

“We are more confident now about how each one of these factors impacts working memory,” Lead Author Dr. Zhang said.

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