REBIRTH: The Event
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Recovering Man is proud to present the exclusive REBIRTH Recovering Man Event, a two-day intensive in which men are guided through the process of symbolic death to rebirth in a new reality.

In an era of little to no masculine guidance, the event has been created to offer men the opportunity to walk the ritualistic journey into integrated, awakened masculinity.

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Founder of Recovering Man Richard Joy has often explored the modern phenomenon of anxiety, confusion, addictions and lack of stability that modern men suffer from – the state of the ‘Lost Boy’.

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“You cannot evolve without having undergone the transformation in the initiation process.” – Carl Jung

Having been trapped in this realm himself, he and his team work to initiate men into the path of the Recovering Man, aiming at the ultimate goal of awakened masculinity.

The event is structured around Richard’s book, From Lost Boy to Awakened Man, the 9-Step Transformational Guide that doubles as the core text of the Recovering Man philosophy – pick up your free copy below:

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REBIRTH: The Recovering Man Event Outline

REBIRTH is the first and original Recovering Man Event that will span two days, guiding men to the symbolic death of negative behaviours and energies within them and through to rebirth, manifesting in a new vision, spirit and life meaning.

Day 1 will focus primarily on the symbolic death, while Day 2 will be dedicated to rebirth.

REBIRTH: The Recovering Man Event will feature:

  • Adventures into ritualistic processes of growth
  • The facing of fears
  • The expelling of pain and anger
  • Discovery of authentic masculinity
  • Wise guidance from speakers and figures who have walked this path themselves
  • Bonding with other men
  • An outline of a new life
  • Deep transformational experience
  • A new understanding of love, peace and meaning
  • Insight on the power of structure, discipline and practical life goals
  • Opportunities to explore yourself fearlessly

Day One: The Symbolic Death
REBIRTH: The Recovering Man Event

Death has become something we fear, as well as something we envision as only happening once in our lives when our physical existence comes to its end.

However, a meaningful life is a series of deaths and rebirths.

One of the most fundamental deaths and rebirths for men has been the journey that marks the end of boyhood and the beginning of manhood.

Such initiations and rituals have been eradicated in our materialistic modern world, and therefore modern men have been given little-to-no guidance on what it means to embody masculine energy, purpose and vision.

Such a state means heavy emotional baggage persists from childhood into the adult realm, along with a strong identification with the feminine, usually in the form of the mother.

The simple truth is men cannot flourish in this state, they cannot handle women, the brutal realities of life, and the demands of personal responsibility and get lost in their emotions, anger and angst.

The good news is that there’s a way out of this.

This way out isn’t pretending to be a tough guy without feelings, it’s in being completely honest, authentic and real with other men, thereby letting the light of life enter to show every skeleton, cobweb and inner demon that must be challenged and faced.

Once we’ve done this, we let life mould you into the man you’re meant to be, after all, it is this Force that created you and we must relinquish the notion we can work out the optimal path.

In this process, we kickstart the cycle of the symbolic death and the impending rebirth as a new man.

Day Two
REBIRTH: The Recovering Man Event

Day Two sees the dawning of the new beginning – the aperture through which your new life will bloom.

This will be an opportunity to be guided into a deeper reality of being itself, a place beyond egocentric structures where you can find peace, stability and meaning.

Given the introspective nature of Day Two, sessions, speeches and activities will centre around deep inner cleansing and letting go to new realities before building a framework on which you can build the rest of your life.

Day Two of the Recovering Man Event will see you move into your true essence, with a deeper understanding of life, your role within that and a clear view of yourself as a man.

Working in close unison with others, you will build strong bonds with your fellow men and leave with a clear understanding of your masculinity, as well as the path which you must now walk.

If you’d like to attend REBIRTH: The Recovering Man Event, click below to register your interest and we will get back to you in within a day.

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