The following are personal development, addiction recovery, mental health and men’s work resources Awakened Man endorses and supports.

Birth of Clarity specialises in CARM (Clarity, Addiction, Recovery and Mindset) content. Offering advice, guidance and support across multiple platforms, based upon personal experiences of overcoming addictions and helping others with their struggles. Look out for views on current events and modern trends & cultures that aim to usher in the Birth of Charity whilst putting Death to Chaos.

Awakened Man recommends Mental Health and Life for all Mental Health First Aid Training.

Mental health and life delivers online, in-house and classroom based training for a range of mental health first aid courses.

Mental health and life use all profits to deliver mental health courses to underserved part of  the community in the UK. 

Perfect Manifesto is based on the belief everyone has the potential to be better than yesterday.

Sharing experiences on fatherhood, health and self-improvement, Perfect Manifesto drives to inspire a culture of lifelong development.

At SELFCONQUERING you will learn how to (re-)find your masculinity, discover how life really works, how to develop a winning mindset, and how to create and re-create working, loving and sexual marriages.

By conquering yourself, you will learn how to conquer the world.

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