Scientists Find Link Between Depression & Digital Media
Scientists Find Link Between Depression & Digital Media Header Image

Young men who spend more time in the digital realm (TV’s/computers) than the real world are “significantly more likely” to experience depression, according to a new study.

Across the world, the Internet has become an integral part of life with social media representing a sizable portion of that usage.

More than two billion people globally used digital media in 2016, and this is predicted to rise to nearly three billion by 2020.

Study: Social Media Use Akin to Drug Addiction

In China, adolescents are facing serious psychological difficulties due to digital media’s constant presence in people’s lives.

Recent evidence shows that the prevalence of depressive symptoms among Chinese students ranges from 11.7 to 22.9%, representing a significant public health concern.

“The new digital media, if not appropriately managed, creates public health hazards in adolescents,” commented the study’s Lead Author Dr. Zhang.

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