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BEGIN YOUR SOUL INVENTORY – Skeletons & Inner Demons

Write out a full personal inventory, gardening out every corner of your soul (do this on a personal paper notepad, NOT online). 

You should try to have at least 50-100 resentments clearly articulated and you should complete this as soon as possible, but 1 whole day is the maximum time limit.  

In your inventory, think about who are you angry at specifically and what are you angry about that they did or didn’t do?  


What we want here is exact things that made you resentful, so not things such as ‘My Dad is a dick’ but instead ‘My Dad used to scream at my mother most evenings and scare the family.’ 

We want to group the people you have anger or resentment towards into key sections (family, romantic, friends, work, studies, miscellaneous)  

See the example below, obviously yours will be much longer, this is just a basic outline: 


Who?          Why?

John          He kept flirting with my girlfriend on Xmas eve last year

John          When I was 12 he punched me in the face, humiliating me in front of my mates

Dad           He didn’t contact me when I graduated 


Gary          I lent him £50 and he only paid back £20

This list should aim to reach between 25 and 50 resentments, but you can go over that if necessary.

Also, for one person you may have 20, and another 1. Aim to express what feels right and what really gets you deep down. 


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