Study: Addiction Works Differently in Men & Women
Study Addiction Works Differently in Men & Women

Alcoholic men have diminished brain activity in areas responsible for emotional processing, memory and social processing when compared to women, according to a new study.

While addiction is one of the most common health issues worldwide, abnormalities in emotional processing that underlie the problem are not well understood.

Further, studies on addiction rarely address gender differences.

The latest study could lead to more gender-specific addiction treatments for men and women.

In the video below, Recovering Man Founder Richard Joy explores the role of addiction in modern men and explains how a fear of embracing suffering often traps men in a deadly cycle.

According to the researchers who carried out the study, both the general public and medical professionals typically treat AUD as a homogenous disease, without distinguishing between men and women.

A statement from them read: “This study provides insights into emotional processing in alcoholism by examining the influence of gender on brain activation.”

Although additional research is needed, the authors believe these findings may one day lead to prevention and treatment strategies specifically tailored by gender.

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