Study: Bullying Hurts Both Victims & Bully
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A new study carried out by researchers at Martin Luther University Halle-Wittenberg (MLU) has shown that victims and their perpetrators both suffer as a result of violence and bullying.

The study shows that victims and their bullies are more likely to consume alcohol and tobacco, as well as suffer from psychosomatic problems in later life.

Watch Founder of Recovering Man Richard’s story below of how violence led him to consume drugs and alcohol before finding recovery.

The researchers looked at the responses from people living in Germany, Greece and the USA and collected data during several different survey periods.

The scientists picked these three countries because they believe these nations each manifest togetherness very differently: They see the USA as rather individualistic, Greece as very collectivist and Germany as somewhere in between.

The analysis revealed that behaviour and problems are similar in all three countries.

Lead Author of the study Dr. Wolgast said: “None of the three countries can be used as a model for dealing with the problem. We were shocked by this stability that transcends cultures and different periods of time.”

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