Study Reveals Key Exercise for Liver Regeneration
Study Reveals Key Exercise for Liver Regeneration

Muscle-strengthening has been associated with healing the liver and fending off cirrhosis-related death, according to research presented at Digestive Disease Week (DDW) 2019.

Chronic liver disease is increasing due to the obesity epidemic and heavy alcohol intake across the West, and researchers hope their findings will help provide specific exercise recommendations for patients at risk for cirrhosis and its complications.

Tracey Simon, MD, lead researcher on the study and instructor of medicine at Harvard Medical School said: “The benefit of exercise is not a new concept, but the impact of exercise on mortality from cirrhosis and from liver cancer has not yet been explored on this scale.”

“Our findings show that both walking and strength training contribute to substantial reductions in risk of cirrhosis-related death, which is significant because we know very little about modifiable risk factors.”

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