Study Shows How to Combine Leg Day & Running
Study Shows How to Combine Leg Day & Running Recovering Man

James Cook University (JCU) scientists in Australia have proposed a solution for gym goers looking to combine the famous high-stress leg day with running.

JCU’s Dr Kenji Doma led the review paper and said his own work and those of other scientists had previously discovered that resistance training, such as weight lifting, may harm performance in endurance training, such as running, when the two are combined on the same or separate days.

The practice of combining the two is commonly referred to as ‘concurrent training’.

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Dr Doma said: “One of the easiest recommendations to follow is that if the performance of resistance and endurance training sessions on the same day is unavoidable, endurance training sessions should be done prior to resistance training irrespective of the intensity of either, with at least half a day of recovery in-between training sessions.”

Dr Doma has made the findings freely available in the published paper.

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