Study Shows Why We Pursue Differing Gym Disciplines

According to a new study, the type of working out an individual opts for is defined by motivational and self-control factors.

The study demonstrated that individual differences in exercise motivation and self-control can predict participation frequency.

Individuals who were more motivated by intrinsic reasons such as enjoyment, challenge, and stress management, exercised more frequently.

CrossFit participants ranked highest in intrinsic motivation.

Prior research has shown that people who exercise are more extraverted and conscientious, compared to an average population.

Data were collected from more than 400 physically active individuals who completed an online survey distributed via social media.

Personality factors, motives for participation, and self-control styles were assessed using widely accepted frameworks including the Five Factor Model, revised Exercise Motivation Inventory, Self-determination Continuum, and Behavioral Regulation in Exercise Questionnaire.

Source: Elsevier

Recent evidence suggests physical activity is important to decrease risks associated with metabolic, osteopathic, cardiovascular, and neurovascular diseases, as well as some cancers and mental health disorders.

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