Study States LH Dipeptide Could be a Cure for Depression
Study States LH Dipeptide Could be a Cure for Depression Recovering Man

A research group has found that the dipeptide Leucine-Histidine (LH) is highly effective in suppressing microglial activation and depression-associated emotional disturbances.

LH dipeptide is found in fermented foods such as blue cheese and natto (fermented soy beans).

Depression is one of the most common mental disorders and remains difficult to treat, as numerous patients don’t respond to available psychological or pharmacological treatments.

Consequently, possible methods of preventing depression in daily life, such as nutritional approaches, are gaining increasing attention.

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Recent studies have also shown the role of microglia in depression.

Microglia are immune cells in the central nervous system that are normally responsible for removing waste products, however, they can cause inflammation in the brain when they are activated.

Many findings have suggested a link between depression and brain inflammation, and anti-inflammatory drugs have been shown to improve depression symptoms in trials.

It has also been reported that consumption of fermented products is associated with reduced depression symptoms.

However, the nutritional components that suppress microglia activation and depression are not well understood.

Overall, the findings of this research show that repeated oral administrations of LH dipeptide suppress microglia activation and reduce depression-associated emotional disturbances in mice.

It is hoped that these results can be replicated in humans.

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