The 7-Day Spiritual Cleanse

In the noise of the modern world, it’s all too easy for a man to get detached from his mental, physical and spiritual balance, which is why Richard of Awakened Man has created the 7-Day Spiritual Cleanse.

The 7-Day Spiritual Cleanse is all about working your way through the mental, emotional and spiritual toxins to our core, before finding peace within on Day 4, and then returning back out into the world renewed, refreshed and re-energised.

The 7-Day Spiritual Cleanse is ideally worked over a peaceful week, although it can be undertaken while your working so long as you abide by the essential ground rules:

  • No intoxicants (alcohol or drugs) at all; however, if you are on medication proscribed by a doctor or health professional do not cease taking your recommended dosage for any reason
  • No sex
  • No masturbation
  • No porn or sexually suggestive material
  • No media – this includes movies, television, newspapers and YouTube
  • Stay out of all political discussion
  • No dating apps such as Tinder, Hinge, etc
  • No video games
  • All food must be fresh and simple (e.g. green leafy veg, fruits, nuts and lean meats/fish) only – there should be no ‘cheat meals’, fast food, microwavable meals or sugary snacks
  • Your computer/phone is strictly for work and essential purposes only (staying in touch with loved ones) and should be used for a one hour window each day
  • If you have any pre-existing spiritual beliefs, please find a book of readings for the week that will assist you in the week (this is optional/non-essential)
  • Do not embark on this cleanse if you are presently suffering from a serious and untreated health or psychological condition, further, do not mistake it for medical or psychiatric care
Why You Need a Cleanse?
Why stop drinking alcohol recovering man

Our modern world is heavily focused on noise, drama, outrage and endless advertising, collectively all this has a dizzying effect on a man.

This is seriously not good as it knocks us off our balanced centre and leads to all manner of dysfunctional behaviour, mental health issues and compulsions.

The 7-Day Spiritual Cleanse is designed to rid you of all the toxins you’ve picked up over the years that are polluting your mind, heart body and soul.

By allowing yourself some time to stop, process and release the fumes of the world, you will feel deeply renewed, with more energy, self-understanding and vision.

Whether you’re new to spirituality and healing practices or vastly experienced, we all need time and space to detox our system and return to homeostasis.

Benefits of the 7-Day Spiritual Cleanse Include
  • Mental clarity
  • Inner peace
  • Inner healing
  • Refreshing of the body
  • Deeper understanding of yourself
  • Deeper understanding of inner balance
  • More peace towards others
  • Less anger
  • Less resentments
  • Inner stability
  • Renewed appreciation for nature
  • Reenergised
Ready to Begin?

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