The 7-Step Path: A Transformational Guide
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The Awakened Man core text The 7-Step Path has been specially crafted to take men on the initiatory journey towards powerful purpose, inner peace and awakened wisdom.

Written by Awakened Man Founder Richard, the text charts the journey of growth as a man, laying out a transformative process in which he:

  • Finds himself as a man
  • Finds his purpose
  • Crafts a powerful life vision
  • Frees himself of inner pain and anger
  • Embarks on Shadow Work
  • Opens up inner peace via forgiveness
  • Finds his unbreakable core beyond the ego
  • Understands his life narrative
  • Understands his values and cultural inheritance
  • Creates a goal hierarchy to guide his life
  • Understands sexual dynamics & the feminine
  • Finds new mentors
  • Embeds himself in the ‘Network of Fathers’
  • Discovers his unique mission

This Transformational Guide is ideally read while working the 7-Step Path of Initiation.

The 7-Step Path has been tried and tested on men of various backgrounds.

Some want to build the dream life, some want to recover from compulsive behaviour or inner turmoil, while some are looking to garner a strong, unbreakable spirit.

Whatever your ultimate goal, you will discover your life purpose.

The 7-Steps offers you a vision of what it means to be a disciplined, dedicated and driven ‘awakened man’ on his life mission, with courage in his heart and peace in his soul.

  • Find harmony and peace with life itself
  • Use your internal fear as fuel for growth
  • Break free of addictions and compulsive behaviours  
  • Transcend trauma and pain 
  • Find forgiveness and let anger melt away
  • Let go of guilt and shame
  • Learn what it means to be a man and why you’re needed
  • Find your worldly and transcendental purpose
  • Find your place in the network of culture and spirit
  • Exercise discipline, determination and grit
  • Recover your true self and awaken to meaning

Become an Awakened Man

  • Transform & Empower Your Life & Mind 
  • Grow Free of ‘Boy Psychology’
  • Understand Yourself as a Man
  • Discover & Embed Yourself in The Network of Fathers
  • ​Understand Value Systems & Your Values
  • ​Craft Meaningful, Iterative Life Goals 
  • ​Awaken to Your Inner Truth, Vision & Purpose in Life
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22 thoughts on “The 7-Step Path: A Transformational Guide

  1. No matter how much I read, listen to or experience, I always feel like a beginner that knows nothing.

    • Well, that is incidentally what many greats down the years recommend – Socrates famously said ‘All I know is that I know nothing’, while ‘beginner’s mind’ is a key concept in Buddhism, as well as martial arts disciplines. Feel free to reach out if you’d like to converse more. Richard

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