He who looks outside dreams, he who looks within awakens..." 

Carl Jung

Throughout human history, men have walked Paths of Initiation...

Have you ever come across The Hero's Journey? 

The Carl Jung-inspired cultural mythologist Joseph Campbell explored this fascinating insight into men's journeys of growth and awakening in his classic book The Hero with a Thousand Faces.

In this book, he explains how he travelled far and wide looking into foundational mythologies of distant jungle tribes and huge civilisations alike - and here's the amazing bit - he found that EVERY CULTURE has a foundational myth that's a differing take on the same archetypal journey. 

Whether we're speaking about a distant tribe in Brazil that have never interacted with civilisation, or the world's biggest religions, he found that every culture has its 'hero figure' that must go on a journey of initiation. 

Check out the diagram below to get an idea of this journey:


what is the hero's journey

Now while the Hero's Journey may sound impressive, don't think it's some distant theory, The Hero's Journey is fundamentally about YOU.

The essence of these myths shows us that man has a unique programming that we can tap into in order to evolve spiritually, emotionally and psychologically

Yet in our age of book-smarts and 'analysis paralysis', men are stuck watching yet another motivational video, reading another self-help book or strategising how to go to the next level.

Now as helpful as these things can be, they won't fundamentally change your for good on the soul level, they will only offer you short-term motivation.

To truly evolve as a man, you must go on a Path of Initiation, a journey that engages you mind, heart, body and soul that helps you face, overcome and conquer your unique challenges, giving you grit, wisdom and character in your soul. 

By accepting the 'Call to Adventure' we enter 'Transformational Space'  

We find the 'Cave You Fear to Enter' that 'Holds the Treasure You Seek'

We go within to find your inner truth & launch out with purpose & clarity 

Who am I to Help You on This Path?

men's initiation richard joy

Those familiar with my content will know that I learnt the key lessons of the damned hard way... yet looking back, I'm thankful for every challenge...

As a youngster I saw my brother fall in to (and lose his life to) the wayward path. I struggled for years with resentment and anger towards the world after this, combined with an endless confusion as to who I was & severe panic attacks. 

While I knew I had potential inside, for years I just couldn't unlock my true self and was haunted by painful past memories. 

This led me to living in fear and building masks I could wear to present to the world.  

I became driven by external status, with being popular with women and lived a hedonistic lifestyle that was throwing me off balance psychologically, spiritually and emotionally. . 

I made out to the world I knew everything, yet within, I knew nothing...

In my haste to sort myself out I tried everything I could - self-help books, therapy, physical exercise... you name it, I tried it! 

And you know what? It worked! But only for the short-term.

You see while all of this hard work and effort landed me a decent job in the corporate world and a hot girlfriend, it was still only external success.

Within, I was still lost, even though I had money, status and a hot girlfriend... 

I soon found myself problem drinking, overrun by work and stress and lampooned in a turbulent relationship. 

It just didn't make sense, I had all the pieces in my life, but I just couldn't fit them together... I felt broken inside and confused as to who I was...

Everything had gotten too much. My job was killing me, my relationship was all but over and I was in a constant state of inner angst and turmoil, and one day, I had to fess up, and I went away to a rehab in a cry for help. 

This was the lowest point in my life.

I was frightened, alone and weak. I was beaten by life. The ghouls of the past had ravaged me.

I gave in completely.

awakened man path of initation

Yet, it's true what they say, the darkest hour really does come before the dawn...

For reasons I didn't understand then - but know all too well now - I found myself in the middle of nowhere in this strange rehab filled with peace and happiness... I was smiling, I felt peace within. 

My problems were still there, yet they didn't seem so fundamental or so painful, instead I felt the presence of authenticity and truth within for the first time in my life at the core of my being.  

I now know that I'd experienced a 'symbolic death', the apex of the Hero's Journey

This is when a man gives up trying to control every detail of his life, when he faces his deepest fears and truths within, and when his heart breaks free from the chains of resentment, anger and fear and breathes the pure air of peace...

After this experience I found myself compelled to engage in endless spiritual work, I ventured on many a men's retreat and learned as much as possible about self-development and life transformations to figure out what had happened to me. 

This journey led me to make peace with anyone I had resentment towards, to forgive and grieve for my lost brother, to forgive myself for past mistakes and to reconnect deeply with my father.

In time, I began to understand my core values as a man and to find peace in life on a profound, universal level.

As I came back into the world of work, my life built itself... I had self-respect, assertiveness, purpose.

My career prospects improved, my wages increased, my compulsive behaviour dissipated, my neediness to be wanted by women left me and I finally felt like a man who'd found his deepest calling... 

I got a great offer for a job in the city, yet I knew it wasn't my calling in life, that was in helping other men evolve.

I then began hustling and striving to build my business & I noted that my peace within had stemmed from three core things:

  1. Making peace with the past and accepting present adversity as vital for growth, not something to be feared
  2. Forgiving myself and others, as well as making restitution where it was due
  3. Connecting with key mentors, a tribe and the indwelling spirit

It was then I saw that this is how you (re)build the masculine core of stability, security and competence in a man. 

And since then, I've spent the last few years building Awakened Man, training as a men's coach and taking many men through the Path of Initiation.

While many don't have a story as dramatic as mine, and some have one far more amazing, I discovered that every man needs to walk this journey in life, regardless of his background, as it is the most powerful and formative journey of man's lifetime

  • Men are in a state of 'analysis paralysis' today. Yet by engaging the mind, body, heart and soul as One in the Path of Initiation, we can open ourselves to higher wisdom
  • You cannot find contentment in the world of things, you can only find it withinThe world sells us all manner of toys, experiences and solutions for an inner sense of dis-ease, yet you cannot find peace in the world, you find it within by doing the necessary 'spiritual work' 
  • To truly set yourself free and grow into the strongest version of yourself, you must have a 'symbolic death'. This experience sees your weaknesses, fears and past obstacles burn away, letting a more powerful you rise from the ashes. 
  • You must connect with meaningful life guides. The 'Three Fathers' are that which represent earth, culture and the universe/life to you as an individual & when you're balanced with these, you're stable, connected and strong.

After many years of study, practice & training I developed the formula for dynamic evolution & self-realisation

After devoting my life to understanding the framework of how men evolve, transform their lives and become the best versions of themselves, I began to see common threads throughout the greats...

Carl Jung, Marcus Aurelius, Buddha, Joseph Campbell, Robert Bly, Eckhart Tolle, Viktor Frankl, Jesus... while differing figures they all chimed on one unifying formula: Letting go to life itself. 

This sounds INSANE to the modern mind. It certainly would've sounded insane to me many years ago too

Yet modern men need to recognise their deepest inner truth before going to the mind for answers.

If we fail to do this, we will get lost in mental noise and live our lives as a science experiment rather than a play of meaning, evolution and love...

This is Why I Created the "7-Step Path of Initiation"

The 7-Steps are the Perfect Way to the Find & Fulfil Your Potential as a Man...

This process is takes on 3 major journeys: the Journey Within, the Journey into the World & the Journey of Awakening. 

  • The Journey Within is all about clearing away inner pain, dysfunctions and disharmonies so a man can be reborn in his true nature of connection with lifeunderstanding how his ego impinges upon his spiritual growth and how life challenges will evolve us if we let go to the transformative potential within

  • The Journey into the World sees you reframe your existence with the wisdom you've now gained from going deep within, here we understand how the world truly works for a man, what values really are, and begin to actualise your life purpose in the 'goal hierarchy'

  • The Journey of Awakening sees you build your mentors, become a mentor and learn how to chime with the feminine energy both within you and in the world. This process is completed by embedding yourself in the 'Network of the Three Fathers' we explored earlier and by looking into how you're going to live your day-to-day life as a man on his life mission.

Learnt to walk the line between chaos and order... The ancient Yin & Yang symbol is a metaphor for actualised balance in the path of life & that is exactly what we're delving into through the 7-Step Path. 

  • 1
    Find Your Balance: this path will keep you open to the transformative potential of life, while simultaneously keeping you disciplined as a man.
  • 2
    Find Your Purpose: by venturing within and understanding your true depths, you will be connected to you core life energy with its full abundance. Here you can align your truest vision with you outer purpose in life.  
  • 3
    Find Your Core as a Man: the 7-Steps is a holistic process of awakening for men meaning you will learn how to be at peace within, assertive in your daily life and how to harmonise with the feminine energy within and of the world. 
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See what Men Who've Walked the 7-Steps Have to Say...

"The 7-Step Path has changed my life..."

“Being coached through the 7-Step Path has changed my life. It has been a powerful, emotional and enlightening journey – a journey every man should take to purify his soul; give birth to his true vision and actualise his purpose.”

Recovering Man men's coaching testimonials



"This process has really opened my eyes..."

“Richard has an ability to connect at the soul level with humility and eloquence, which I found highly motivating. Sharing his knowledge and spiritual guidance gained from overcoming his own personal battles has been inspiring in showing me the way of the awakened man. I am very much looking forward to on-going coaching work as this process has really opened my eyes.”



Ready to Walk the 7-Steps?

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"This gave me the inner clarity I didn't know you could find..."

"The 7-Step Path of Initiation has allowed me to understand how my past has formed me and  aided me in making sense of my life in the present. 

"This gave me the inner clarity I didn't know you could find and helped me in setting an unbreakable vision for my future. I highly recommend it!"



"Doing this has really helped me find inner peace..."

"After years of pain following a bereavement, doing this has really helped me find inner peace, clarity and a path forward for myself as a man."



"This process has been invaluable..."

“I’ve been working with Rich for a while now. I intended to just do the 7-Step Path but I've got a lot from regular check-ins afterwards as well.  

"The process has been invaluable in giving me a much deeper understanding of myself as a man, my role in the world and how to actualise my full potential with discipline in the key areas of my life.”




How do we do the actual steps? Is it in on the phone, in person, online? 

It can be any of the three. Given I have a global client base, I tend to schedule sessions through Zoom, although I do offer face-to-face sessions for men living in the London area.

What happens in the average session?

Sessions vary wildly, sometimes I will be passive and listening, sometimes I will be very vocal in challenging you to up your game, go deeper within and to help you in 'getting out of your own way'.

Whatever the tone, all work is done in an ethos of brotherly love and in the spirit of Oneness - the quality of your life is of direct importance to me, so I give everything in helping you. 

Because of the intimate nature of the 7-Step Path, there’s very powerful moments of catharsis, laughter, tears, rejoicing and many other memorable experiences.

Overall, we build a bond with you that is very strong so we can unite at the soul level and rebuild your life on unbreakable, stable foundations.

How much does it cost?

Given I work with different guys over different time periods, that depends on what timings suit us.

Some men like to 'go nuclear' and do the 7-Steps in an intensive manner over 2-4 weeks with several sessions a week (even a day in some cases), while others like to do the 7-Steps over 7-weeks (or more).

I personally recommend this option as it allows you time to integrate wisdom, process information and have ample time to do the weekly work. 

Men can pay via individual sessions, or via 'bundle offers' (which are much cheaper), or for the whole 7-Steps up front, which is the cheapest option, but the highest cost up-front. 

For exact prices I will create a bespoke package for you on a free connection call

Will it work? 

I can honestly day I've never worked with a guy who hasn't got a great deal from the 7-Step Path. Because of its holistic nature, we will address every key area of your life and your being as a man. 

That said, I only work with guys who are deeply committed to the journey and their development as men, meaning they've got out what they've put in. 

So, if you're truly passionate about realising your true nature, your core as a man and working towards being the best man you can be, you will get a great deal from walking the 7-Steps. 

How do I know if 'Walking the 7-Steps' is right for me?

I get this one. We all have a variety of choices to make in this day and age and it's hard to know what will truly serve you the best! 

The truth is that no-one can tell you what is best for you with complete certainty (and if they do they're lying), so go with your gut. If you decide therapy, hypnosis, self-help books or other forms of coaching are right for you then enjoy it brother! 

While I appreciate every man must walk his own path and has his own needs and challenges, all I can personally say is that doing the spiritual and men's work in my own life was WAY more powerful than anything else I did (and I did pretty much everything!)

To really get to grips as to whether this is right for you, book a free connection call with me, that's exactly why I created it - it's not a sales pitch, nor a marketing ploy, it's a way for two men to connect and to see if I can sincerely help you. 

Ready to Walk the 7-Steps?

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*Remember, this isn't a sales call or a marketing pitch, it's a chance for us to connect 

"Do the thing you fear and the fear of death is certain." - Ralph Waldo Emerson


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