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  • 2 x Weekly Online Men's Meetings (Zoom) - Meeting 1 is a 'Men's Wisdom' meeting including a weekly activity, challenges and raw open sharing. Meeting 2 is more focused (but not limited to) dating, relationships and the opposite sex
  • 1 x Weekly Meditation Meeting 
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The Awakened Man Men's Forum is a place to connect, find likeminded men on a mission and be inspired. 

To truly evolve, we need three things - an inner sense of meaning, an outer mission in the world, and a TRIBE

For centuries men have benefitted hugely from tribes - it makes a man what he is - yet today they've all but disappeared; it's time to bring them back!



This weekly meeting is time to connect, share your wins, discuss challenges, or to just listen and be inspired


This meditations session is a chance to ensure you're engaging in a solid meditation practice to ease worry and find inner peace


As part of the community, you get access to exclusive inspirational and motivational content 


Each month we have a performer of the month who we celebrate for their efforts 


“The privilege of a lifetime is to become who you really are...” 

Carl Jung

While modern man has gained the world, in doing so he has lost his brothers. 

We may have the latest tech, virtual worlds we roam in computer games and our own man cave to pass the hours, yet one thing we've lost today is a community of likeminded men supporting us, pushing us to be better, while celebrating our wins and helping us learn the lessons of our losses. 

Without such communities men get swamped. 

Relationship issues, work challenges, an unsupportive network of friends or being trapped in an environment of people that just don't 'get' you brings a man down. 

It leads to cynicism, mediocrity, laziness and even nihilism. 

These four horsemen are what Awakened Man was founded to challenge. 

With the growth of the Awakened Man YouTube Channel and the Men's Work Arena in which men walk the 7-Step Path of Initiation, more and more men are living out the Awakened Man principles. These are: 

  • To feed the mind with knowledge, the body with goodness, soul with truth & the heart with love
  • 'Gardening' our inner state to ensure we're driven by solid values and virtues
  • Maintaining a clear-minded, curious approach to life and constantly striving to learn 
  • Taking personal responsibility for our lives and the outcomes we achieve 
  • Being deeply honest with our fellow men about our challenges, shortcomings and true goals
  • Supporting other men in times of need with compassion, challenge and empathy 
  • Giving ourselves to world and committing to work for something beyond our individual aims
  • Becoming men of action who can lead and face danger when it arises 

By having a group of men collectively living out these principles, we've formed a modern-day tribe. 

This grouping of men supports each other during the rough times in life, builds one another up to meet the challenges of the day, as well as offering a sanctuary to learn how to be a better, stronger more grounded male in touch with his internal masculine wisdom. 

We must twice weekly, once for a connection session, once for a meditation session on a Sunday, and there's always the Awakened Man Forum for you to ask any questions you feel necessary to discuss personal growth, working out dating & relationships, work, spirituality and much more... 

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  • Inner peace: shining a light on fear and hearing others authentically share destroys inner anxieties
  • Becoming a better man: Whether that means being a better father, partner or man on his mission, a men's tribe is a superb way to learn new skills, challenge yourself and navigate life's issues
  • Getting the truth: The truth heals us, but it isn't always easy to face and accept - a men's group aids you in managing reality in a supportive environment where we can face life's challenges and overcome our limitations
  • Emotional control:  We learn to process, watch and handle our emotions effectively
  • Great learnings & recommendations: You get a head-start by working the principles of the all-time classics in men's development with a likeminded, eager-to-learn tribe
  • Meaningful friendships: In today's world, male friendships can easily fall into drinking, banter and superficiality - these things have their place in life, but a men's tribe gives you deep connections, powerful support, tough love and very strong bonds with men who have your back
  • Inspiration: Being around other men on their life mission has an infectious energy and breeds a deep resonance within you to do the same 
  • You get to give: Taking all the time makes you self-centred and ill. Learning to give freely and openly helps you offer your skills, experience and gifts to other men and the world at large; this gives your life meaning and establishes contentment within

RICHARD  //  Founder of Awakened Man

Since founding Awakened Man I've met many great men on my journey, some I've worked with, some have become firm friends and some have been following me on YouTube for a while. As this community grew, it felt only natural that we should form a community to share our mutual energy to grow, evolve and take action in our lives as men. 

This has now developed into the Awakened Man Forum, a sanctuary for men to find support for life's challenges, likeminded men with a passion for self-mastery and to give us a kick up the backside when we need it. Come and join us now! 



100% Satisfaction Guarantee

You are fully protected by our 100% Satisfaction-Guarantee. 

I'm very confident you'll be happy as one of our brothers in the tribe, but If you feel the group isn't for you, then simply cease your payment and leave at any time!

Richard, Founder of Awakened Man

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the group work?

We have two weekly Zoom calls, one is a group meeting which Richard chairs. This is a space for open sharing, activities, inspiration and group practices. The other meeting is a weekly meditation held live by Richard. There's also a forum to chat to other members 24/7 as well as access to all of the Awakened Man Courses.

What if I'm not good at sharing?

You don't have to share if you don't want to, you can just listen and be inspired, yet remember that this is a sanctuary of likeminded men helping one another - not a place of judgement.

What if I'm based outside the UK?

No problem! We hold the meetings via Zoom so anyone can attend, and we hold them in the UK evening time, meaning guys from North America and Europe (as well as further afield) can also chime in.

Will the group work for me?

That all depends on what you're willing to give - quite simply, if you make an effort to connect and give your own honesty, authentic energy and wisdom to the group, you'll get it back tenfold!

What if I can't make a session?

No worries, the sessions are there for you to connect with on a regular basis, but life happens sometimes, and that's understandable. However, if you're missing sessions regularly we will have a conversation about whether the group is right for you. 

What is the forum?

 It's essentially a message-board where guys can ask questions specific to their situation and get answers from guys who've been through or who are in similar situations. The key topics in the forum are work, dating & relationships, spirituality and personal development. 

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