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Hey, I'm Richard, the Founder of Awakened Man.

My mission is to help men go through deep paths of masculine & spiritual initiation to:

- Heal their wounds

- Get their lives bang in order, and

- To unlock a new reality in their lives as men

I've been working with guys for many years now, mainly in the form of the 7-Step Path of Initiation, this involves:

- Deep inner healing

- Facing our demons within

- Going on a ritualistic journey of renewal

- Understanding what we are as male human beings

- Understanding our core values and backbone as men

- Devising a soul-level mission that stays with us for life

- Learning about masculine and feminine dynamics

- Coming to peace with parents & resentments

- Making sense of our cultural forefathers

- Awakening to deeper spiritual reality

- Awakening as men

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“Working Richard and walking through the 7-Step Path has changed my life. It has been a powerful, emotional and enlightening journey – a journey every man should take to purify his soul; give birth to his true vision and actualise his purpose.”

Recovering Man men's coaching testimonials



“Richard has an ability to connect at the soul level with humility and eloquence, which I found highly motivating. Him sharing his knowledge and his spiritual guidance been inspiring in showing me the way of 'awakened man'. I am very much looking forward to on-going coaching work as this process has really opened my eyes.”



"The 7-Step Path of Initiation has allowed me to understand how my past has formed me and  aided me in making sense of my life in the present. 

"This gave me the inner clarity I didn't know you could find and helped me in setting an unbreakable vision for my future. I highly recommend it!"



"I’ve been working with Rich for a while now. I intended to just do the 7-Step Path but I've got a lot from regular check-ins afterwards as well.  

"The process has been invaluable in giving me a much deeper understanding of myself as a man, my role in the world and how to actualise my full potential with discipline in the key areas of my life.”



"Richard is an excellent coach in that he never has any judgement about the personal issues you may have. He has a lot of empathy and great knowledge about how to handle a range of life issues.

"As a result of working with him I've become more in touch with true self and learnt and how to control emotions. This has helped me romantically and with my family and friends."



"Richard has a unique ability to connect with you on a deep level, he fully listens and offers specific advice tailored to your life situation. Even though I have years of experience with personal development, I always find working with Richard unique as he’s able to give me a refreshing perspective on the issues we discuss. I highly recommend him to any man looking to awaken in key areas, find his drive and the find a deep sense of meaning in his life." 




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