The Silent Addiction You Don’t Even Know You Have
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As public awareness of addiction to alcohol, drugs, gambling, and even porn grows, one substance remains solidly under the radar, despite causing much damage – sugar.

While humans need sugar to survive, we have been slowly usurped into normalizing the addictive substance as part of every meal, snack, and drink, which is causing a raft of health problems.

Sugar is the leading cause of obesity, heart disease and also a contributing factor to unstable mental health.

Despite this, vast amounts of sugar are in most foods, and in an age of hyper-marketing, we pay little attention to the real values of the food we consume.

The American Heart Association recommends that men should have no more than 9 teaspoons of sugar a day, ideally from natural sources (such as fruits).

This figure becomes especially shocking when you factor in that the below snacks contain the following amount of sugar:

  • Snickers bar (57 g): 5.83 teaspoons of sugar
  • Milky Way bar (58 g): 7.02 teaspoons of sugar
  • Twix bar (57 g): 5.68 teaspoons of sugar
  • Coca-Cola (one can, 330 ml): 7.25 teaspoons of sugar
  • Red Bull (one can): 5.35 teaspoons of sugar
  • Old Jamaica Ginger Beer (one can): 10.18 teaspoons of sugar
  • Alpen: 4.05 teaspoons of sugar
  • Honey Nut Cheerios: 6.67 teaspoons of sugar
  • Golden Grahams: 7.1 teaspoons of sugar

While some cereals have vowed to cut sugar content, the sugar levels are still dangerously high.

Shredded Wheat does provide one alternative that is genuinely sugar-free, however.

The types of sugar we should be looking to consume come in the shape of fruits, which still contain high sugar content, but if eaten in moderation can fit the 9 teaspoons limit a day and align with the famed ‘5-a-day’ aim.

Sugar content exists in fruits as follows:

  • Mangos: 2.77 teaspoons of sugar
  • Bananas: 2.48 teaspoons of sugar
  • Apples: 2.11 teaspoons of sugar
  • Pineapples: 2 teaspoons of sugar
  • Grapes: 3.14 teaspoons of sugar
  • Lemons: 0.5 teaspoons of sugar
  • Blueberries: 2.02 teaspoons of sugar
  • Tomatoes: 0.53 teaspoons of sugar

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