The Superior Man vs The Red-Pilled Chad
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In the fast-moving melee of the manosphere, there seems to be a new movement every other week offering some nuance on whether women can truly be trusted, whether it’s money, looks or game that wins them over, and whether we as men should even care about women at all.

On first inspection, the men’s corner of the internet can seem cohesive as there are several key principles, we all agree on. For instance:

  • The present politically correct version of a man as a weak, apologetic smart-ass who’s all too aware of his ‘toxic masculinity’ is a load of garbage which is seriously destructive to men
    • Far from helping males, such a man tends to be a resentful, slimy beta male that women resent and who builds no safety, security or stability
  • Secondly, men are often drawn to men’s work because they’ve been seriously wounded from a relationship of some sort. Usually, they’ve been acting as the mainstream culture has taught them too and either been dumped, cheated on or unable to get a girl to screw them and have turned to a wealth of material that explains to them how women are attracted to independent and strong grown men, not little boys that have to be mothered
  • Finally, there’s the reawakening of the ancient notion of male initiation – the idea that a male doesn’t simply become a man because he turns 21. In a culture that’s desperate to tell men that they’re ‘fine as they are’ and that they just need to talk about their emotions like women, many men are realising they’re not fine, that talking about feelings is ensnaring them in a world anxiety and that by going on a mission of facing fear, meeting the inner shadow, taking responsibility, not complaining and embodying traditional masculine virtues such as stoicism, courage and strength their lives are improving; as women – and other men – start to respect them and they start to find meaning free of egocentric identification and an instant gratification culture.

The Man in the Mirror

Yet while the mainstream culture has embodied a destructive form of feminism that has debased men, it’s not like the world of men’s work and the manosphere is one united whole. There are many competing voices each articulating a increasingly jaded view on the state of our culture, gender relations and the world.

Some see the return to masculine meaning as a deep spiritual quest in which we discover our true nature and harmonise with the feminine in a loving eternal dance, while others see a woke progressive social order intent on destroying men because of spite impacting every area of life, and hence advise men to step away from mainstream society and avoid long-term relationships with women, or even to leave any interaction with women at all as it’s just too risky for a modern man.

I personally think both of these approaches make valid points that modern men NEED to be aware of & while I’m aware I’m grouping several movements into two broader groupings, in this video I want to explore the two major points of view to see which is best for modern guys.

The two areas are encapsulated in The Superior Man, and the Red-Pilled Chad.

The former is entitled so as it refers to David Deida’s men’s world classic – The Way of the Superior Man – as its core text which has sprung a whole industry of men’s work focused on spiritual growth, masculine wisdom and shadow work.

The latter is the more contemporary and harder-edged red pill movement which focuses more on evolutionary biology as the foundation of how to understand men, women and the world and has brought forth movements such as pick-up artistry, game, MGTOW and a sort of spiritual cultural conservatism.

The Superior Man

The Superior Man is at root a spiritual animal. If we take David Deida’s teaching that masculine energy is synonymous to consciousness itself – that is still, unwavering and stable – you can see why there’s such a heavy crossover between men’s work and spirituality.

Deida states that “A man must be able to meet his woman with consciousness equivalent to her energy” and this points towards the mission we must make as men. In the Superior Man teaching, a woman needs to see that a man is rooted in his masculine in order to trust him – and that means he is deeply grounded in his Being – or more accurately – Being itself.

Yet, in our modern world where men are uninitiated, ungrounded and heavily feminised, it is more common for men to get lost in emotionality, feelings and ego identifications, meaning such a man either tends to be too weak, obsessive or aggressive to harmonise with the feminine and henceforth has a slew of broken, unsatisfying relationships.

This has led to the dawning of the arena of ‘men’s work’, which is a pattern of unique practices and teachings focussed on freeing a man from being either a ‘castrated male’ or ‘dick head’, to use the words of men’s work practitioner Rafia Morgan who I interviewed recently.

Men’s work tends to be a blend of deeply challenging inner work, confrontational outer work and physical engagement undertaken in a spirit of healing, bonding and growth.

I’ve engaged in it myself, as well as utilising some aspects of it in my own 1-on-1 work and can affirm that it is indeed very powerful, challenging and healing.

The Red-Pilled Chad

Where the Superior Man is a spiritual animal, the red-pilled chat is more of a political one.

Direct, cocky and unapologetic, the red-pilled Chad is a man who’s switched on to his mission and ready to carry it out no matter the cost.

Because of his unapologetic nature, the red-pilled Chad is everything the mainstream media and blue-haired feminists fear in men. He either celebrates, or just flat-out laughs at the concept, of toxic masculinity and uses his confidence to get what he wants with women, work and the world.

He may be interested in getting with as many women as possible, he may want to ignore women entirely, yet the one thing he will never do is be controlled by a woman.

As most men grow up today completely lied to regarding what women want in a man, as well as what it means to be a man, many men have become weak, apologetic nice guys who hold a long-term mortgage in the friendzone of a girl they like.

Without the red pill they can become bitter, resentful, untrustworthy and wounded as to why life screws them over so often, yet after finding the red pill they finally learn it’s okay to be a man. In fact, it’s necessary to aim at being a strong, confident man capable of leading and dominating situations. 

The internet is littered with guys paying homage to red pill teachers and texts for waking them up, allowing them to get girlfriends (or know why they don’t want to), break free of depression and find masculine meaning in their lives.

Yet it does have its downsides, from it being a too rigid ideology, to it leading to red-pill rage and anger at the world, and these are what I’ll explore next when comparing it with the Superior Man.

The Superior Man vs The Red-Pilled Chad

So, while the Superior Man and the Red-Pilled Chad have some undoubtable crossover in that they both think masculinity is a good rather than bad thing as we’re too often told today. However, there are also huge differences, the most obvious being how they treat gender itself.

Where the Superior Man approach tends to focus more on the divine eternal dance between the assertive masculine and creative feminine, both in the form of relationships and even within a man’s own soul, the Red-Pilled Chad tends to look on any feminine traits within a man with utter disdain.

I can sympathise with the Red-Pilled Chad in this regard, but that’s probably only because masculinity is so debased and man are so feminine today, so that attitude redresses the balance, however as a long-term approach I do think the Superior Man approach is better as it speaks to the whole of a man – the King and the Warrior, as the red-pilled chad does, but also the inner Magician and the Lover.

Yet there’s no getting around it, the Superior Man is by his nature softer than the red-pilled Chad, he’s more prone to play the guitar, have a favourite poet and meditate where Chad lifts weights, kickboxes and watches action movies.

Yet where the Superior Man may be seen as soft by a Chad, the Chad can also easily move into being a douchebag, with a closed-minded intolerance and an arrogance than borders into narcissism.

Further still, a red-pilled Chad often misses the depth of a Superior Man, and it is this depth that aids a superior man in not falling for ideologies, ideologies such as the red pill worldview itself.

And because of this simple ideological approach lacking spiritual depth, a lot of red pill dudes can get very pissy as they learn red pill truths, leading to the famous ‘red pill rage’ in which they become angry at women and the world for perceived injustices to them as men.

So who is the winner?

Now this may sound a cop out but for me I think a man should embrace both paths. I see no contradiction in a man lifting weights and choking someone out in a BJJ class and then coming home and reading poetry or engaging in some spiritual healing.

In fact, I think that’s the ideal path for a man.

If I had to pick a winner, I would go for the Superior Man, simply because I find more depth in there, more meaning and a potential for evolution as a man spiritually, personally and mentally.

That said, I’ve benefitted massively from the red pill worldview, and think all men should familiarise themselves with the common concepts, yet I think the red pill is so powerful right now because of the culture blue pilling a generation, if things were more balanced then the red pill wouldn’t be nearly as meaningful, yet the power of men’s work and the superior man approach would remain the same.

Of course my view could just be this way because of my life experiences and natural temperament, which is more spiritual and introspective, yet that’s another reason why I needed the red pill to stop being so weak and soft in order to grow.

Awakened Man

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