Transcending the Alpha Male: The 10 Traits of Alpha Energy

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You have been conned by the mainstream image of the alpha male. When you say the words ‘Alpha Male’ what do you picture? What emotions do you feel?

Fear? Aggression? Satisfaction? Shame? Anxiety?

All manner of emotions emanate from the term ‘alpha male’, yet all emotion is based upon external status internalized, not reality in and of itself, which is always neutral.

This is why folks often switch around what an alpha male is. 

To some it’s the strong stoic badass, however to men who are not strong or stoic, they make it the vulnerable empath. 

Yet whichever way you go, the truth is that there is no such thing as an alpha male – at least in the holistic context – and it is mainly used as a marketing tool to reel in a generation of lost boys.

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Don’t get me wrong, there are many amazing teachers out there in the men’s work world who can change your life (and some who just make things worse), yet civilization is now way too vast for our idea of an alpha male to exist.

The Alpha Male

The idea of one man who reigns supreme over others is impossible in our world of multiple hierarchies in work, social life and romance.

We all take different roles throughout the day – sometimes we’re fucking badass and are the masters of our domain, other times we’re learning some new martial art, life skill or career.

Staying top of the pile is impossible and counterproductive.

It will make you paranoid, un-teachable and anxiously aggressive.

This again is where the idea of becoming an all-conquering alpha male is largely a con sold to guys wanting to learn pick-up or boost their confidence.

It is an impossible goal designed to keep you trapped in a loop, thinking you’re falling because inevitably you’re not in a ‘Zen’ state 24/7.

So the alpha male is a limited construct, yet there is, however, such a thing as alpha energy.

It is this that’s the truly powerful force in men.

It is this we confuse for the alpha male – which is more archetype than actual reality. 

It is something you can chime into right now and an energy that allows you to flow in your purpose, natural authority and rawness of being.

It does not require you to fall into the trap of being a paranoid meathead obsessed with ‘dominating’ anything.

Primordial Man

Sure, there was a time when primordial man lived in small communities, and back then a man could have fitted the present notion of the alpha male.

For primordial man, his status was based on his ability to beat the fuck out of the competition and drive fear into his enemies.

This image of the alpha male still pervades in the contemporary consciousness.

Yet when we look at the leaders in our civilizations over the last few thousand years, we do not see bone-crunching psychopathic monsters who could rip people to shreds.

In fact, those figures are the active enemies of our history and cultural myths.

The Great Heroes

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When you look at the great heroes and kings of the past they are marked as high-status men and leaders through their bravery, strength and ability to join men together under a common goal.

The great mythological king Odysseus won his fame on his great Odyssey, yet his name was made as a trusted advisor and general in the Trojan War.

Odysseus carries such a mythical power in men not because he could beat the fuck out of anyone who challenged him, but because of his articulation of the higher cause of battle while displaying brilliant intellectual planning ability alongside fighting skills.

In other words, Odysseus could fight for a cause and be a man among men.

Similarly, King Alfred the Great of England is a national hero not because he slashed his way through anyone and everyone that came near him, but because he could treat men as equals, join them in a mutual cause and take the fight to the Vikings.

Further to that, he was renowned for his mercy as well as his bravery, his insistence that the English should speak English opposed to Latin, and his commitment to the education of his people.

King Alfred knew how to fight and how to improve the lives of those around him.

Can you see the pattern?

The great heroes and leaders of history are not vicious meatheads who beat the crap out of people and rule by fear.

They are men who exhibit alpha energy by being brave and willing to fight alongside their brothers with a deep understanding of holding to values bigger than they are.

They exude an energy which is inspiring, infectious, empowering and endearing.

Boy VS Man

I recently wrote an insight on Robert Moore and Douglas Gillette’s King, Warrior, Magician, Lover and therein they wrote of ‘Boy Psychology’ and ‘Man Psychology’.

Boy Psychology is that which is anxious, unreliable and violent.

Man Psychology is that which is brave, dependable and calm.

The primordial man fits the notion of Boy Psychology perfectly. He is constantly in fear of attack and thereby constantly violent.

He is immature.

Man Psychology is the bravery and strength to fight combined with the wisdom of peace, the commitment to community and the heralding of a cause greater than one man alone.

Why You Need Alpha Energy

what is an alpha male

Alpha energy will change your life.

It is the energy that gets you the job of your dreams, the lifestyle you want and the woman you desire.

It is the thing that inspires hunger for growth and the will to find your purpose within your soul, it is the clarity that decimates the cobwebs in your mind and the balm that soothes your mental weakness.

It is the energy that can turn you from Boy Psychology to Man Psychology.

It is the way that modern man can join hands with his great ancestors.

Alpha energy is the balance between the old, primordial violent meathead who exists to this day and wishes dominate others through fear, and the modern domesticated, wimpy and feminized male.

It is the power that stops you relentless judging yourself against other men in anxiety, judgement, and paranoia.

It is the power that can guide you to your truest and best self.

By letting in alpha energy, you can become the man you were meant to be.

Below are The Top 10 Alpha Traits you should be working towards:

  1. Courage: A Willingness to Face Fear

There’s a lot of crap on fitness boards that an ‘Alpha’ doesn’t fear anything: BULLSHIT!!!!

Every man feels fear.

The point is that a man should never run from fear.

That is exactly WHAT COURAGE IS… The willingness to face fear.

Our death instinct is deeply embedded in our psychology.

It’s completely fucking normal to feel anxiety before a fight, before asking a smoking hot girl out or before speaking in front of a large group…

All those things mean potential death in our evolutionary psychology.

We grow as men when we’re willing to feel the fear and do it anyway.

THAT is courage, not pretending you have no fear, which is weakness disguised as strength.

It doesn’t matter if you freeze, you panic or your eyes fall out.

Face Fear. Face it Again. And don’t back down.

If you have this approach, you will get that which you most desire.

  1. Emotional Control

It is folly to deny man’s emotional nature.

Alpha energy is not expressed by denying the colorful spectrum of human emotion.

It is expressed in feeling the internal chaos when enraged, frightened or sexually enticed and acting judiciously.

It is the way of the Boy, the Bully and Beta Energy to lose yourself to violence when enraged, panic when afraid and passion when attracted to a woman.

Alpha energy is feeling those powerful internal magnetic urges and making the right decision for yourself.

You are then free to expend that internal energy in the most productive way possible.

If violence is called for, a man in touch with alpha energy will act if he must, yet not at the risk of losing his head, job or dignity.

Similarly, he may be sexually enticed by a woman when he has is involved with someone already.

He has the control and personal discipline not to react by betraying a bond.

By having control over chaotic and demanding emotions, a man can orient himself to a life on his terms and not be dominated by forces outside of him.

A man in touch with alpha energy knows that if he follows the whims of his emotions, his empire will crumble to dust.

  1. Physical Prowess

It is true that many men hide behind layers of muscle.

Yet this does not mean that having physical prowess is meaningless, just as beauty in a woman does not mean she is nothing but a bimbo.

Physical movement, flexibility and strength allow a man to hack into his evolutionary body psychology and empower his own consciousness.

In the gym, man can train his mind, his grit, his determination stores, and his mental strength just as much as his body.

Further, learning to fight is an act of discipline, not an excuse to dominate others.

Martial arts are among the most ethical disciplines a man can practice.

Just as handling ones emotions and not naively acting on them is vital to the expression of alpha energy, so too is being strong and not bullying, and being able to fight and not harassing.

Having endurance, fighting skills and physical presence is a conduit through which alpha energy can find frequency.

  1. Voracious Appetite for Knowledge/Learning

It doesn’t matter how intelligent you are, how high your IQ is or how knowledgeable you are.

The only thing that matters is if you’re humble enough to learn.

The alpha male lie is so powerful because our ego wants to be number one at everything so badly.

But being number one at everything is impossible.

As soon as you transcend your ego, you are free to admit you don’t really know everything.

This is monumental

From here you are teachable.

This is the foundation of Western Civilization.

Western philosophy begins with Socrates in Ancient Greece, and he is most famed for his adage:

The one thing I know is that I know nothing

This is the foundation of growth.

Let your ego ideal of the alpha male go, and let alpha energy in by opening yourself up to learning, here you can align yourself as closely as possible to the truth.

  1. Sense of Purpose Bigger than Self

As explored earlier, the great Kings in history and the mythical figures that underpin our cultures are men who fought for a purpose.

Men who act like violent jerks do not succeed.

This truth is evident throughout history.

The men society, cultures and other men admire are men who are brave, fight for a cause, and make sure those around them succeed as well.

The notion of the alpha male as a dominant male among men is an animalistic view of humanity.

It is true in chimp societies, but humans fucking despise men who try to order other people around by force.

Such men are despots and tyrants.

It is the man who embodies the alpha energy that takes the despot down for the good of the kingdom and the people that’s the hero.

This is why King Alfred is venerated as a national hero in England.

He brought the oppressed English together and fought off the Vikings.

Then he created a society with a focus on education and public wellbeing

The same goes for Sir Winston Churchill.

In a nationwide poll he was voted the number one Briton of all time because of his bravery in standing alone against Adolf Hitler, the most famous tyrant of all time.

Alpha energy is the willingness to put a cause above your self for the good of all.

We haven’t all got a war to fight, but living by or for a cause that is greater than you is a sure-fire way to dispel egoic ideas of being the alpha male, and utilise alpha energy to its fullest.

  1. Value-based

If a man is to live by and for a cause, and stay in control of his emotions as temptations, enemies and threats abound he has to be able to rely on himself.

He cannot do this alone.

This is why man has values.

Values allow you to ensure your stream of alpha energy runs uninterrupted.

They afford a man security in how to act.

The world is full of moral challenges and ethical dilemmas.

If you make the wrong move here it can be crippling and even fatal.

Values are what allow a man to act quickly, decisively and assertively.

In Wing Chun, there is an ethic that one should never strike a man when he is down.

This obviously saves the man from serious, life-long injury, giving him the chance to change his ways, but it also saves you from an accusation of going beyond self-defence.

Therefore, it is an ethic for yourself and for society.

It is a value that can mean the difference between protecting loved ones with honour, and protecting your integrity and spending 20 years in jail with a man’s paralysis or even death on your conscience.

  1. Goal-based

If you are the channel for alpha energy, you need a focus for that power.

We have established the importance of having a higher purpose.

That higher purpose is your life-long mission.

You complete that goal in a day, week or even a year, so what you need are actionable goals that mark your progress, growth and orient your reality.

Goals are the markers through which any larger task becomes manageable.

If a task is manageable, man isn’t inhibited by fear and trepidation.

No man climbs a mountain in an afternoon.

He breaks the mission down into daily and hourly goals.

Similarly, in locating your alpha energy you must break the elements of your higher cause down to daily disciplines.

  1. Loyalty

So much of the pain and confusion in a man stems from fear.

Men are anxious they will be corrupted or conned by forces that seek to gain the upper hand on them.

As a man seeking alpha energy, you know that the great men of history are so because they share a mutual cause with other people.

They ensure others success as well as their own.

Loyalty to a cause is vital for this to happen.

A man in his alpha energy cannot act otherwise, lest he risk the very foundations his status and reality is built upon.

A man exhibiting alpha energy is loyal to his brothers in order to achieve their higher cause together.

Such a man creates and embodies the good in the world.

  1. Non-promiscuous

Following on from loyalty to his brothers, to act in peak alpha energy a man must stay loyal to his sexual partner.

Men are hammered with the idea that men who sleep with lots of women are superior, yet this is not so.

Men who sleep around offer nothing to their society and only perfect their own skills of seduction for self-centered purposes.

Further, men who dishonour their partners and wives bring great pain to those they are supposed to protect from such energy.

Shame, guilt and regret that come with such actions are deadly to alpha energy.

No man can stand proud if he betrays those closest to him.

Nor can a man be honourable if he seeks only to use the feminine energy purely for his own sexual gratification.

For his soul, his society and his relationships to be solid, reliable and meaningful, the man exuding alpha energy must honour them.

  1. Wisdom

Wisdom is the highest character trait of alpha energy.

It is the ability to know when one is right and not lecture, as well as the humility to know when one is wrong and listen.

Wisdom stems from submission to a higher cause and purpose.

By overcoming his own worldly desires for intoxicants, sexual dishonesty and untruth, a man is then open to hear the wisdom of the deep spirit.

Such a man exudes alpha energy.

He is owned by nothing in this world and slave to no temptation.

He controls his reality, servant only to his higher cause.

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