UK Cocaine Use so Endemic Even Eels Are High

New research has found that cocaine use is so common in London it is affecting the water supply, with eels in the River Thames found to be hyperactive because they have ingested cocaine.

The research was carried out by a team at King’s College London.

The study found that Londoners are using cocaine at a level of consistency that keeps the drug in the water system throughout the week, meaning it is now affecting local wildlife.

A statement from the researchers read: “Concentrations of cocaine and benzoylecgonine remained high in wastewater across the week with only a minor increase over the weekend, which is not consistent with other cities.”

Adding: “London is known as one of the highest consumers of cocaine.”

It has also been found that London’s water treatment plants are failing to filter out the class A drug, while downpours are overwhelming waste plants and carry sewage into the river.

As well as a vast underground market for drugs, London is also famed for its work hard play hard culture in which cocaine use is rife.

This reputation has led London to the title of ‘The cocaine capital of Europe’.

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