Watch: 5 Badass Life Lessons From Marcus Aurelius

We live in a world of social media anger, emotional diarrhea and a lack of strong male guidance, and this video explores how Marcus Aurelius is proving extremely popular with modern men as he and his stoic philosophy act as a remedy to this.

This video charts his 5 top quotes that have been compositioned to take the viewer on a journey from inner control to an understanding of the outer, via the inner truth. Make sense? Nope? Then watch the vid!

Recovering Man is a website, movement and media channel for men charting the way for a new man, a man who embraces the wisdom of old with the worldliness of today, he who dares face his inner weakness and trauma, but doesn’t want to make a personality out of them.

It is for he who walks the line of taking action and embracing his masculine soul in a world increasingly filled with chaos and meaninglessness.

This video is from Richard Joy of Recovering Man and is about life lessons from Marcus Aurelius, the stoic philosopher.

It covers stoicism, men’s personal development, spirituality and self-help.

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