Watch: How to Get Sh!t Done – The 10-Point Plan

How to Get Sh!t Done – The 10-Point Plan. This video aims at a framework to keep you motivated and working, showing you how purpose, routine and a few simple techniques can get you working consistently and dependably.

This isn’t about ‘smashing it’, this is about consistency.

We want results that you can depend upon for the long-term day-in-day-out, not short-term inspiration.

The 10-Point Plan to combat procrastination and maximise your working potential is:

1) Discover your purpose and allow that to emanate through your work. If you don’t know your purpose, then your purpose should be figuring out your purpose

2) Routine. Establish simple routines in the morning, noon and night to connect you with your purpose and get you in the right frame of mind for the day. This is so important as soon it becomes second nature and does key elements of work for you on autopilot

3) Be Present, But Plan. Staying present is vital in not psyching yourself out and simply doing all you can RIGHT NOW. This moment is all you really have. Planning for the long-term is important both to orient yourself, but also to assuage fear of the future and allow you to be present now.

4) Act Like You’ve Already Made it. This ensures your body and mind are at one with your vision.

5) Just Do It. The reason this famous slogan is so effective is because it combats worry and self-analysis, you must get on with tasks before you allow the mental narrative to bed-in

6) Ego. Once working, beware of the ego that self-congratulates too much. What pushes you on one day will drag you down the next. Instead, be neutral, don’t judge yourself, and keep repeating point 5.

7) Decline Handouts. Handouts are great in the short-term but make you weak and unreliable in the long-term. Having a real threat of failure keeps you honest and working hard

8) Challenge Yourself. When you’re facing a challenge and a deadline, it makes you work hard, and further, once you’ve met a challenge you’re gifted with a wealth of inspiration to keep on pushing forward

9) Tackle the Resistance. Resistance is the block between you and starting to work. You must start to see that the work isn’t the problem, it’s the Resistance to doing it that is.

10) Death-Based Contemplation. Be aware that your fears and worry will all melt into dust one day and be completely irrelevant. Don’t let finite fear dictate your life.

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