Watch: Recovering Man Intro – From Lost Boy to Integrated Man

Watch Recovering Man’s Promo Vid with founder Richard Joy explaining how Recovering Man is a shared journey for modern men to go from lost boy to confident, integrated man.

Richard states in the video that men are in crisis, with despair, addictions, a lack of direction and a suicide crisis getting even worse.

While the mainstream media lays this at the door of boogiemen such as ‘toxic masculinity’, Richard offers a counterview, based deeply in his own experience of recovery from the aforementioned issues.

Richard has created Recovering Man to act as a path for men who haven’t had any real guidance on what it means to be a disciplined, responsible and confident man, whether that is because of a distant father, a dislike of one’s culture and society (the ‘cultural father’) or a general feeling of uneasiness with life.

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