Watch: Richard’s Story – How Recovering Man was Born

In the above video, Founder of Recovering Man Richard Joy explains his story of violence, trauma, fear, addiction and near death, charting how his life became one of recovery, meaning and purpose.

The video also outlines Recovering Man’s unique take on the notion of ‘recovery’ itself, seeing it less as a term relating to illness or addiction, and more as a term regarding finding what it means to be a man in the 21st century.

As Richard articulates, Recovering Man strives to chart a new path for men midway between the archaic bully of old and the modern day wimpy manchild.

In the video, Richard explains how his recovery from a broken spirit, heart and mind came from destroying his old self – the victim – and letting go to life itself.

In this new territory, he embarked upon a study of spiritual traditions, recovery and personal development groups, culture and meaning, and developed a way to live deeply embedded in discipline, health, truth and transcendental purpose.

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