Why Social Media is So Toxic & What You Can Do
social media and digital gardening

Why is it that even though we know social media is an illusion, we still get sucked into its confected mood swings and idealised Instagram-filtered representations of reality?

It’s human nature to look towards the dominant group for influence on how to progress in life, as well as to gauge the atmosphere of the social environment to ascertain what will and what will not get you ostracised from the dominant culture.

Yet with the advent of social media this process has become completely skewed, with the social media giants presenting themselves as the centre of the public square and having increasingly bias towards an intersectional progressive worldview.

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When you factor in that social media users are mostly young people who are more prone to both a progressive mindset and fear of social ostracization, you get platforms that represent reality as a good and evil tug of war between the enlightened and the ignorant.

I’ve previously explored the problems with modern progressivism: the obsession with racial identity as the core element of a human being, the endless virtue-signalling, the imposition of ideology over reality, and the propagation of a victim-mindset that traps people in paranoid states of mind – the precondition for the conflicts we’re now seeing on the streets.

Yet social media seems blind to such criticisms, in fact any criticism of intersectional progressive politics is almost tantamount to hate speech on modern social media platforms.

So it does beg the question, are we changing with social media, or is social media changing us?

Is Social Media Changing Us?

Now I would argue that social media is now changing us, it’s managed to simultaneously dehumanise individuals while also implementing increasingly stringent and puritanical moral standards.

After all, would anyone really speak to someone on the street like they do on social media!?

What social media allows us to do is to detach ourselves from the humanising effects of the public square where tolerance must reign and instead embed ourselves deep in the echo chambers of our political biases.

Deep in these echo chambers – which exist on both the left and the right – we read increasingly outraged voices presenting all manner of social injustices the other side is guilty of, and not once are these arguments challenged.

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This leads to folks taking sides, making egocentric identifications with a given political identity and, at worse, eventually bringing that anger out onto the streets where they no longer see a human with a different point of view, but an evil enemy they’ve heard so much about online.

In recent years this has all become compounded via virtue-signalling corporate culture also.

Huge corporations that were once looked on with suspicion by the public have ascertained that by jumping on the bandwagons of outrage and progressive liberalism they can secure easy PR for their brands. Barclays, Ben + Jerry’s, Gillette, Nike, the list is endless, have all made significant overtures to present themselves as the vanguard of socially progressive thought.

Whether the CEO’s of these corporations actually believe any of this or are just happy to play along to placate social media outrage mobs is up for debate, yet when we see giant corporations, banks, big tech and the social media giants all singing from the same intersectional hymn sheet, we can at least say one thing.

The ideology of the outrage mobs, while once fringe and seditious, has now become the mainstream culture. Quite how long capitalist corporate culture and intersectional agitative groups can coexist before the former realises the latter is rooted in an ideology which wishes to destroy it is unclear.

However, for now this strange union is also tied to the second major problem with social media: people’s mental health.

Social Media & Mental Health

As well as the growing fear of social ostracization and falling foul of cancel culture, as now even ardent leftists such as J.K Rowling, Trevor Phillips and Germaine Greer have done, simply for proposing an alternate view to progressive orthodoxy, we also now face the idealised representation of others’ lives leading many to feel inadequate in their own existence.

Instagram-filtered images manipulate the minds of youngsters into thinking they’re abnormal for having a rough time, for not being popular and for not living a supposedly interesting life.

Yet this is just the reality of existence that we all have to face and contend wit in order to grow as human beings. Simply pretending one’s life is better than it really is only serves to worsen one’s maturation into an experienced, fully-formed adult and confuse others.

So, with all this in mind, you may ask “Why don’t you just leave, why stay on social media at all!?”

Well in an ideal world I wouldn’t personally use social media at all and respect those who give no time to it, yet as I run an online business it is something of a requirement for me to have a presence to interact with my audience.

However, there is something I have done and recommend anyone I work with to do also, and that’s what I call “digital gardening”.  

Digital Gardening

Digital gardening is going across your social media accounts and unfollowing anyone or anything that’s unhelpful to your growth and evolution as a man.

This doesn’t mean just silly accounts or people with anger issues, it also means even those you agree with who make content that covers issues that make you angry and annoyed at the state of the world.

As I’ve stated before, outrage culture is ruining our cultural discourse, our mental health and our spiritual balance.

As men looking to embody strong, peaceful and capable masculine energy, we must rid ourselves of the toxicity of anger, outrage and excessive emotionality. 

It’s essential for men today in these times of outrage and chaos to have balance in our hearts, minds, bodies and souls, as it is this that can bring peace within ourselves, our families and our culture.

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