Why We Need to Make Men Strong Again
why have men become weak

As each year passes, men seem to be getting more confused about women, the world around them and who they are as men, meaning the time is ripe to make men strong again.

It’s harsh to blame men for their present-day weakness, as unbeknownst to them recent times have seen masculinity come under the microscope, being deeply critiqued as a political concept of power, rather than a biological, social and even spiritual reality.

The theory that masculinity is just an instrument of oppression has now spread from the backwaters of gender studies classrooms to the very forefront of society.

This has led to a world in which traditional masculine qualities such as aggression, dominance and stoicism are seen as undesirable in boys, and have even been described as ‘toxic’.

But are these qualities really so bad?

While it’s true uncontrolled aggression is a menace, that male dominance isn’t good if it’s in the hands of a bully, and that stoic behaviour isn’t desirable if it denies any presence of emotion within, the aforementioned are not examples of integrated, awakened man, but of frightened lost boys’.

Yet in helping men overcome these dysfunctional behaviours, we don’t need less masculinity, but more, especially from strong, capable and authoritative leaders who can make men strong again.

How to Make Men Strong Again: The Problem

Strong leaders and strong men have been disappearing from our world for quite some time now.

We can see this via the lack of fathers in the home as well as via the replacement of community and shared values with increasingly atomised lifestyles in which mass media and vapid, nihilistic consumerism take centre stage. 

And finally we set it represented in the removal of God the Father from our culture.

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While it may be understandable that many have turned away from religiosity and the spiritual in an age of relative peace, prosperity and scientific materialism, one of the things we’re yet to truly replace is the inherent meaning, order and framework that out Christian past offered.

Many may say here that we don’t need out-dated ideals and unscientific models of reality in our age of reason.

Yet what purpose does that reason truly serve if we’ve removed it from any sense of higher purpose to our lives?

If all we have is reason alone and no sense of love, oneness and transcendence underpinning it, we are nothing but men living by reason alone in an existence without a logical beginning or higher purpose.

And in such a paradoxical world, we’re left to busy ourselves with intellectual conjecture and materialism in a bid to negate the fact that life has no inherent meaning beyond a limited, finite existence.

How to Make Men Strong Again: Masculinity & Femininity

Now I’m not saying here that everyone should run back to the church and repent, what I’m saying is that in our age without higher purpose, without a connection to the divine or the wider universe, we’ve become trapped in the mind, and thereby prone to anxiety, confusion and an undercurrent of existential angst.

It is this state of affairs that has led to the breakdown of men and masculinity as an ideal.

No longer is the masculine/feminine dynamic the central form of dualism in our reality – that which when conjoined harmoniously gives birth to all manner of life – it is now nothing more than an atavistic power dynamic that must be deconstructed and destroyed.

Of course, this has led to men having little to no guidance regarding what their true masculine (and inner feminine) energy really is.

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Yet, no matter how far we pull this dynamic apart, many men are learning that it goes much deeper than just social constructs.

Somewhere along the line, men have to face the fact that traditional masculine traits such as ambition, directness, brute force and stoicism really do have innate power.

These qualities are excellent when you have to overcome life challenges or decay and perish.

They are powerful in aiding you in improving your job prospects, hitting goals and improving your health – both physical and mental.

And, perhaps most fundamentally, they seem to actually attract women.

How to Make Men Strong Again: Walking the Path of Initiation

Most guys have to find out the hard way that most women simply don’t like soft, submissive nice guys, and that the traits women look for in a man are that which nature seeks by speaking through her.

Our evolutionary past has led women to crave a competent, confident and capable man – not someone who’s feelings are hurt at a whim, who has no integrity and has no balls, as such a man is capable of progressing the species.

This too has been exploited in our age of hedonism in the form of pickup artistry.

Men spend billions each year learning new techniques to score with women by working their evolutionary drivers, and while such lessons can be formative for inexperienced men, they still miss the point in that chasing and bedding women is still weak and needy behaviour.

Such men do not control their lust, but are controlled by it. 

Without experienced, integrated men to guide them through the temptations of the world, men will stay stuck in a loop of short-term gratification and reward seeking behaviour, keeping them weak-willed consumers and stunting their growth.

I don’t say this in judgement, I’ve experienced all of the above and have since embarked on years on personal development and spiritual work to break free.

In my own recovery, it became evident that the lessons I was learning in breaking free of this weak behaviour were the lessons of male initiation.

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Initiation is the path of boy psychology to man psychology, the most formative step a man can take, and one that’s been almost entirely eradicated in our modern world.

This is the journey where we re-establish the connection the our earthly, cultural and universal father – it is the antidote to the present chaotic culture men are finding themselves in, reuniting men with their inner purpose, cultural understanding and innate connection with the eternal, universal realm of life.   

However, without men who’ve actually done this work on themselves, who are actively striving to overcome dysfunction, fear and weakness, we will only see more confusion, more dysfunction in our world and more chaos.

If you’re ready to walk this journey in your own life then check out the video below: The Path of Initiation is waiting for you to take the next step in life, grab hold of your existence – don’t let time run out on you…

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