Your Brain Can Always Change, Says Study
Recovering Man and how the brain is always malleable

The shape and connectivity of brain networks can change in fundamental and recurring ways consistently over time, meaning behavioural changes are always possible, according to a new study.

The study led by Georgia State University found that networks created by the interaction of neurons are not static, as was once thought.

Armin Iraji, a research scientist in the Center for Translational Research in Neuroimaging and Data Science (TReNDS), and lead author of the study said: “You can think of the brain like an organization where employees work together to make the whole system run.

“For a long time, we thought brain networks were like departments or offices, where the same people were doing the same job every day.

“But it turns out that they may be more like coworking spaces, where people move in and out and there are different jobs being performed at any given time.”

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